Water (Muluc)

Personality - Emotional, creative, psychic, romantic and fantasy-prone. Can dominate others by reflecting intense emotions.

Qualities -

It is said that those born in the Water day come into this world by carrying a heavy karma. They may meet with their health problems for the rest of their lives and are complainants of chronic illnesses. But this is a rare opportunity for them, they can come up from these challenges and sign an incredibly successful life. The water man has very artistic talents besides sensitivity and fragility. At the same time, using intuition as they travel through the difficult folds of life helps their mental abilities to develop to a very good level. Mayans use water ceremonially in baptism and purification. These ceremonies are held to bring about a collective power, harmony and adaptation. With a sincere assessment Water people are more than happy to give more than they get for themselves. People born in this zodiac have strong imaginations. Water people are smart, they are excellent communicators and this makes them effective in leadership positions. Adaptation is a key; This can be both a blessing and a plight. Water people are not compatible with many standards. They take risks. Their artistic, creative and visionary capacities are remarkable. These people easily regain their balance as if they were a water finding its way. In addition, there may be deep underflows of emotional and concealed threats as in the body of water. Others may perceive this as the secret agendas of the people of the Water, and they may have little confidence in them, and even tell this as a misdemeanor to their face.