Deer (Manik)

Personality - Peaceful, generous, helpful, artists and inspiring. Also nomadic, outspoken and individualistic. It requires companionship. Basic problem: in a relationship being safe as well as free and independent.

Qualities -

The only feature symbolizes the people born in the day of deer is that they are powerful. No matter what gender they are people born on this day, carry certain powers. Deer also symbolizes that power in shamanism, and shamans eat venison in order to collect powers. Deer people often express their power much directly and vigorously and it is no way related with a soft and gentle deer stereotype. Predictably, the most important thing in Deer's life is to use that power righteously. Constantly querying their targets can help the deer people about it. It is useful to measure if they spend their incredible resources for the good of others, or their own selfish desires. The other side of this is to ignore the defense of their rights while defending the rights of those around them, which can happen frequently. Deer is a mana collector tool. Silence itself is a personal experience for deer. For deer life is a pilgrimage. Skill and quality of work is very important for deer. They were equipped with tools for every task in life and through it they can go beyond the limits. Those born under this sign are usually talkative and peaceful people, but when they feel they're right, they speak boldly. Deer persons can be dominating, but to be leaders in terms of the word's flashy meaning is rarely their desire. They have a strong intuition and good judgment. The deer has a highly developed aesthetic sense of beauty. They are equipped with all kinds of tools that may be needed to survive, but has a habit of keeping each object they used once. This causes confusion and indecision, loss and procrastination.