Chinese Astrology

Chinese zodiac system is the world's oldest astrological system, years are indicated by a circle divided into twelve equal segments. The system divides the people into twelve character types. The only difference is the use of the names of different animals instead of signs. Every animal reflects different spheres of our lives and different aspects of our personality. Some of these animals affects work, some family, some health. The core of this system has its roots in the philosophy of Taoism.

The basic belief of this philosophy is that universe occurred from an infinite struggle of the two contrary powers. Two contrary forces are explained with the symbolism of the two male and female power poles which are called as Yin and Yang. Representatives of the two main powers has been referred to as the Sun and the Moon. With the addition of the remaining five elements a basic nature of Chinese astrology can be easily understood.

Chinese Astrology simply do not have a concept described by 12 different animals. Along with these; wood, fire, earth, metal and water are also included as well as a different understanding of these five elements. The five elements are considered to be the planets of experience. The sun and the moon are not counted as a planet and used as a symbol of Yin and Yang. 12 signs of chinese zodiac is ruled by five elements. Each element is taken over by a period of time, comes with an interval of 60 years for each sign, and therefore the chinese calendar is based on 60-year periodicity.

The Chinese count the elements as addition of Yin-Yang polarity, so that each element creates its own influence in a constructive or destructive ways. For example, while the metal can be devastating as a weapon, it would be constructive in a pot form. Similarly, fire can be a fire which burns the house, as a light it will illuminate our night. Water, as a flood destroys the products, it will enable life as the life energy.p>

Signs of the Chinese horoscope divides into twelve animals, while also divided into constructive and destructive form of ten elements. Besides with the addition of the ancient Yin and Yang concept classical Chinese horoscope emerged.