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Pressing the Set button after entering the date of birth you can see the ascension and descension phases of your physical, emotional and intellectual skills, also the good days or bad days for you. Days in which you have less energy may not necessarily be a bad. If all three energy situation is at low levels it is very likely that day will not be counted a success. In addition, each of the three conditions for that day to come to a head at some point, which means that you will have most brilliant day. Bioritm is not confirmed as a scientific concept. The notion relies heavily on sinus waves which have three distinct periods.

It starts from zero at birth and at the outset biorythms rise to positive values​​. Each intersecting point of the zero point is critical, and potentially a harbinger of bad days. You should do less activity in these days. The basis of calculation was founded by the 20 century Vienna psychologist Hermann Swoboda and the German doctor Wilhelm Fliess.