Your Domino Fortune Telling.

Dominoes has emerged in the Far East, China. The oldest known recorded game of dominoes has been played at 10th century BC. Those was a little different than modern dominoes that we are familiar as there was no scoreless white dominoe. They could be used to play both a game of dominoes and cards. Both had already shown with the same hieroglyph in Chinese. Also it is known that Inuits also played dominoes with the 148 stone. Nowadays, the notes about the game of dominoes with 28 stones show that dominoes played in the 18th century in Italy and France. In spite of a relatively well-known history of the game, there is no accurate information on the use of dominoes for divination purposes. The only real thing is known, that despite the fact that dominoes subsequently developed for divination purposes and after the loss of faith is turned into the instrument of the game as dice. Domino fortune telling, is the easiest type of divination. Person makes only one wish, and general comment told to that person by values on the domino. It reminds the intent of the shamans of ancient times, referring to comment on the lines of the bones.

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