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Since time immemorial humans used dice for divination purposes. Although it's not known where and when dice shows up in history, we know for sure it is and similar game tools are one of the oldest game tools of humanity. Sophocles argues that dice is invented during the siege of Troy by the legendary Greek hero Palamedes. But Herodotus claimed that dice have been invented by the Lydians at the time when Attys was the King of Lydia. Both claims discredited by the archaeologists who found the remains of the dice from the different cultural sites. Before being used a lot for the game, dice were used for a series of prophecies for the future. We all know that there are sompe places that Astragals (bone of the foot pegs of sheep, cows and other animals) are still used for this purpose. Astragals are considered as the precursors of dice. A lot of the dice were made from ivory or bone at late Greek and Roman period. Humanity used wide range of materials such as rice, agate, crystal, onyx, alabaster, marble, amber, porcelain and etc. for making dice. Dice which are cube shaped and similar to present dice excavated from 2000 B.C period Egyptian tombs and cutural site in China which dated 600 B.C. The oldest written record is in the ancient Sanskrit epic Mahabharata and dates back as far as 2,000 years.

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