To what degree you and your darling are compatible


Do you want to know how compatible you and your mate?

In order to test how compatible You and your girlfriend is, click Show and select your horoscopes. Green indicator tells you that there is a common direction, red indicator - mismatch, the blue indicator tells that you are very compatible. In General, earth signs are compatible with water and air signs are compatible with fire signs. There are also worth noting that as general information: signs do not get along well with their neighbour signs. The best fit among the Zodiac signs which are 3 signs away with each other. But this is not enough for further and detailed information. Also, I should note that this is true in the sense that it applied to lovers. However this test would not be correct to friendship and family relationships. The reason for this is that you'll encounter frequently in the birth chart interpretation square, triangle, opposition which depends on situations. E.g.: