Pythagorean System

Ancient Greeks are one of civilizations that developed the numerology, too. Pythagoras the mathematician who were interested in geometry - was built school being remembered with his name. This school which consisted of philosophers has simplified the life investigations into numbers and has presented all former ancient numerologic inheritance of Near East by different commentary. Numbers have been interpreted as rulers of the forms and thoughts according to Pythagorean thought, world have been built by the strength of the numbers, too. It seems that there are tracks and influence of the numbers in every event of the Universe. The Universe is the fate administration and cannot expressed without the numbers. Some numbers are giving strength to us in our life and some numbers are bringing some obstinacies. For this reason the numbers which called in relation with planets are playing important role in riddle of fate and present the future commentary as related the character of the planet.

Pythagorean system is the  "Unitarian system", and consists of numbers beginning from 1 to 9. But its predecessors Chaldean system and Kabbalistic system are named as the "Double value system". In this type of system two-digit numbers are taking part in the system, too. In Chaldean numerology numbers are sorted from 1 to 52 and it is the oldest known numereological system. Numbers sorted from 1 to 22 in the rather younger Kabbala system and each letter of the Jewish alphabet also has numerical value at the same time. The youngest numerology system is the Islamic Abjad calculation.