Earth (Caban)

Personality - Mentally active, rational, smart but practical. Generally liberal and progressive. They are often controversial. They have strong convictions.

Qualities -

Contrary to classical astrology, Earth here symbolizes a very high intellectual and mental ability. The mental activation of someone born on an Earth day is so high that it can lead to its break with nature. It is the greatest obstacle in the life of the Earth person, and he must rebuild and protect his ties with nature to overcome it. No matter what gender, Earth becomes a masculine character. Earth people can be as controversial or mixed minded as they are meditative and visionary. It is impossible to know beforehand whether new ideas coming to their intelligent brains will be beneficial to the world or just an empty dream. Meditation and learning to focus mental powers to balance extreme mental activities will be very helpful for the Earth person. Guardian of the earth garden. In this horoscope we find the high energy that creates the connections of the Earth that will undergo a greater spiritual evolution. Earth types help to energize body energy; Which allows for new freakins who want to vibrate on this planet. People born in this zodiac can help us all to move to a higher frequency. This is in fact a gift to all humanity. If you are not a Earth, call to energize and center this energy. Their views are often liberal, progressive and sometimes radical. Their tendency is to be a little ahead of time. Simultaneous deep connections to the earth's natural cycles and energies supply the powers of creation and the memories of wisdom of ancient times. Earth people strive to restore the natural order in all faces of life. If they lose their balance they can exhibit extreme moods; "Emotional earthquakes". They know how to re-engage synergies with their natural talents.