Dog (Oc)

Personality - Cooperative, consistent, loyal and helpful. A good team player and participant, but at the same time a good leader. He needs a lot of diversity in life.

Qualities -

What typically symbolizes a person born on a dog day is that it has a very high sexual energy. The sensual desires are almost over the level of their bodies to carry, and this orientation is in fact parallel to the general tendency to be earthly and sensory. Luxurious indulgence, and at the same time easily finding pleasure and joy in life, is typical of people born on a dog day. The fidelity and faith of a dog can not be ignored. In the same way, it is their positive direction that people who are born on this day should follow faithfully after something they believe. A belief that will not surprise them on journeys to the unknown is the greatest treasure of the people born under Dog sign. Being a very good team player they will share their beliefs with this belief. Those born in this sign are similar in many ways to the dog sign. Brave, loyal and warm-hearted, vigilant and heartfelt; Born in this zodiac are respected for their sense of justice and protection. The dog people know how to be sensitive and to enjoy their dreams. A good understanding of acting and basic human nature leads the dog to wealth and success. Dogs are good teammates who love to travel and have a strong sense of their position within the community. They have an intense curiosity towards collecting. The dog is mostly creative; they are interested in music, drawing, or painting. They know how to wake up loyalty in other people. Lack of emotional maturity may be a problem for those born in this sign.