Wind (Ik)

Personality - Talkative, mental, active, genius ve polymath. Idealistic and romantic. An artist or conscious about the fashion.

Qualities -

Wind, giving life to all of us and making us alive, symbolizes the spirit of life that Indians call "prana". For Mayans the Wind, is the breath of God. People born on the day of the wind carry the divine power deeply. Their life energies and creative inspiration are very high. If the wind people behave knowing this energy that fills inside them is not their ego but is the divine breath, they will be almost clothed with endless fertile power and be as the sweet summer breeze. Otherwise, if they think that the power is due to their ego, they might be blowing like a hurricane and could use this power in the wrong way. The breath of life and spirit - Wind carries the power of planting and spreading the good seeds and ideas. With strong visions they are planners and dreamers. The wind people are very good speakers and broadcast almost psychic inspiration words as the wind carries. Wind is the power behind the weather events such as natural erosion and periods of cultural exchange. The wind people is extremely variable and suitable. May seem arbitrary or variable to others. The wind people can harm themselves and others by their whim. While progressing with pride and honor which is based on the specific work and establishments, Wind reveals the dark clouds that could turn into a hurricane. They have strong aesthetic sensibilities and are engaged in the creation of art and beauty.