Serpent (Chicchan)

Personality - Stable, at extreme ends, powerful and charismatic. They have personal feelings and emotions that affect others deeply.

Qualities -

According to the Mayan people born on the day of snake carry a very high spiritual potential and can easily be a psychic or spiritual healer. Considering the snake as equivalent of Kundalini of Hinduism and Yoga, a double snake symbol which has medical and pharmaceutical use comes to mind easily. Their connections with the other realms are said to be very powerful and they have magical powers. It also gives them a very subtle wisdom. They have wisdom beyond these contradictions, it is neither good nor bad. Nevertheless, there is a difficulty faced by the snake people. It is about the orthodox usage of this power. Hindu teachers especially underline that there might be both constructive and destructive qualities of Kundalini. Snake's anger is very high and sorrow does not recognize the border. Energy they have also been related with sexuality and therefore also carry the risk of being a slave to their desires. People born on the day of snake is to have control over these internal forces. The most convenient way to achieve this is to focus on the sensation of compassion and develop compassion for others. Movement and the creation of time. Sensual and dramatic, this sign includes intense instinctual wisdom and creates a connection between the celestial aspirations with the world. Born in the bush snake always noticeable, but generally little is known about them. Leadership comes naturally. Physically and mentally strong and stressful conditions are sufficient in themselves more easily than many other good people fail to nurture. This is a common weakness for them. Via sincere service to others, Snakes open their hearts and expands. Snakes are aligning authority and truth and it brings justice quickly and precisely. Snakes are very adaptable, they are fluid until even trapped in a corner. They explode when they're cornered. Snake's big feisty temper, oppressive and even destructive behavior poisons the others as themselves.