Jaguar (Ix)

Personality - Mysterious, sensitive, intelligent and psychic. About religion and spirituality. Aggressive but avoids direct confrontation.

Qualities -

The Jaguar is an animal with an extremely high night vision ability. Those born on Jaguar day have the ability to see what other people do not see, just like a Jaguar. These high shamanic and psychic abilities manifests itself in Jaguar people. According to Mayan people, those born on Jaguar day tend to be rich. But this richness has a price that can show itself with diseases. The power that brings Jaguar wealth brings a pressure on transformation in the same way. When the resistance to transformation is shown, the disease develops. There is, of course, a solution to this: accept transformation and embrace internal transformation. A Jaguar man who keeps up with the need for transformation can come face to face as a very powerful shaman figure. Jaguar people are often spiritual and religious or spirituality plays an important role in life. The Jaguar or shaman, born with a deep love towards the Mother Earth, is directly linked to the source of all Earth magic. The soul of Jaguar resides in the Mayan temples and is called to help spiritual means as well as material ways. Jaguar is also the god/goddess of gratitude. They own great intellect and a strong character that comes from the wholeness. Jaguar energy is feminine in nature and is the ruling spirit of forests, plains, mountains. Jaguar stands in the center of all kinds of communication and influence, and if she does not, she will search for unbalanced power. Patience and skill born from the power can turn into an attack with sudden decisions and actions. Jaguars, both bold and invisible, usually do not attack directly, and they communicate usually in secretive ways. In the absence of integrity, Jaguar's strength breaks down and she searches only wealth and fame.