Flint Knife (Etznab)

Personality - Pratik, mekaniğe meyilli, iyi organize olmuş. Sosyal, ama yakın ilişkilerde zorlanır. Uzlaşmacı ve özverili ama öfkesini bastırır.

Qualities -

Being aware of opposition means seeing the world as a battleground. Choosing one from two realities means going into that conflict and being a warrior. This painful awareness makes this horoscope a potentially difficult sign. People born on the knife tend to see the world as black and white. The approach of seeing these events as true and false leads them to look at themselves first and to be the best they can be, which is a positive aspect of them. But they have a habit of expressing what they see in other people, in a very direct and shattering way. And, in fact, all of this can eventually lead to debate that they have lost themselves. On the other hand, Mayans say that this sign is about healing and that Knife people are healers. The knife that is lethal can also heal at the hands of a surgeon. An awareness of conflict in the same way can bring a strong desire to achieve harmony. People born on a knife day become individuals who heal the society when they focus on achieving harmony and using positive discrimination. The way to channel the energy they have is to look hopefully to future. They are the mirror of reality. These people, like a flintstone, are the sparks of divine intelligence. They are very social people. They are very kind, compromising and self-sacrificing. Knives use their innate abilities to separate emotions from events. They are masters of mechanic problems, of instruments and even of musical instruments. They are more concerned with the technical aspects of the subjects than they do, and their heads work well in detail. Knife people protect and defend others without tiring themselves by sacrificing themselves. Using the sword of the truth bravely, they cut the lies. It's their job. The knives may have knowledge of interpersonal problems or evil schemes and reflect them in a mirror. Knives must remember their courage consciously to be perfect with their devotion to truth. They must stand firm and determined as warriors of the truth if they don't want that their lives are filled with disasters, gossip, or misconceptions.