Reed (Ben)

Personality - Popular, knowledgeable, successful and talented. He struggles for principles, he is a case man. He will react to it when someone challenges him.

Qualities -

Being born today is a very fortunate situation. In ancient Mexican mythology today is known as the Day of the Snake (Quatzelcoatl), the day of the light-bringing God, and the day when the gods landed in the world. Those who born on this day are productive. They stand out as leaders in society and become fortunate and wise as parents. This sign has a tendency to make many children. This parental role is addressed to a wide range of families and society. They are like the carrier pillars of the world. The people born on the reed day can be a little introvert and conservative. This shows the basic thing they need to learn in life: flexibility. Learning to be flexible in relationships with other people and in their own mental processes will ensure that people born on this day get rid of the conflicts they are living in because of conservatism. Reed people are the spiritual essence of the family and the home, their guardians, and the light guides. They take risks. They are pioneers and have strong principles. They are talented speakers who are busy with the results. Although they like to relax and have fun, they can work in intensive jobs and are highly disciplined. Whatever they choose to do they can be superior in that area. The source of their abilities is their integrity and personal confidence. Power and faith are their fundamental values. They are intellectual and / or well educated. They tend to understand the nature of man. Being robust and analytical, Reeds try to bring peace and harmony in all their relationships. People of this sign are blessed with great talents in the field of talks, and this talent is subject to frequent testing. Reeds are in need of much appreciation and can have problems in their business and marriage life due to inflexible perspectives and high expectations. This can lead to the erosion of the love in their relationships. The life lesson of reed is to be a garden hose, not a steel pipe.