Eagle (Men)

Personality - Independent, ambitious and escaping from reality. Scientific, technical, talented, critical and meticulous. He has unique ideas about life.

Qualities -

The awareness of those born on the eagle day is very clear, and they seem to know everything that has happened. Just like an eagle flying high and seeing far away. Eagle is a man who is both material and spiritually strong, and usually gets what he wants. This is because both the soul is strong and the motivation is high. The eagle man has a passion for ascension in society and he can present it as a very good businessman. In addition to the wealth in material terms, they are spiritually rich in resources, so they can stand out in society as a shaman or a clergyman. The eagle is the symbol of the integrity and completeness. It represents the struggle for perfection at every level of existence of humanity. The eagle must remain in the center and in balance of its being to reach the highs. Eagle is the symbol of knowing inside; Inner knowledge and wisdom. Every step of this way has something to teach us. Inside the eagle we find the strength of the learner. The eagle has a sharp eye and intelligence. Eagle people can become quite telepathic; They can easily solve problems, and then they wonder where the answer came from. They make a move between the sky and the earth. The eagle has a material wealth and good fate because of its superior broad perspective and sharp intelligence. Eagle, a messenger trained with patience and a deep sense of worth, brings hope and confidence to the wings of the soul. Serving compassion to others allows the eagle to maintain the welfare of the people, so that the wings of the wing enable their bird siblings to live. If the Eagle becomes highly competitive or possessive, it may fall from high to low due to ambition and jealousy. Eagles are blessed with the freedom to move and have the potential to escape from reality. The wise eagle does not run away from problems, but instead brings new and different approaches.