Vulture (Cib)

Personality - Serious, wise, profound, realistic and utilitarian. Strong against life, status conscious. Sometimes it is dominated by others. They have high standards.

Qualities -

The vulture typically symbolizes a karmic cleansing. For a person born on the day of a vulture, this means a karmic cleansing of his own karma in an individual sense, and in the society in which he lives in general. Temporary depression periods, guided by a high consciousness, play an important role for the vulture. These periods are followed by a new life and an expanded sense of compassion. He is lazy, but wise, like a vulture. Although he lives an irresponsible life, he is usually lucky, and he leads to richness. One characteristic that must be taken into consideration is the weakness of being loyal as a partner. Marriage life can go stormy. Old souls. Wisdom of the times. The energetic symbol of Vulture is the link with everything beyond. Those born in this sign are naturally telepathic and are in fact connected with the winds of wisdom that have penetrated every holy place on the planet. They want the best for themselves and they reject what is not their highest standard. People born as Vulture are often concerned with status searches and authority because of their pragmatic sensitivity. This often means that they are aware of themselves while they are with others. This great inner power provides a silent introspection that enables man to discover in himself much more precious wisdom than the treasures that emerge from archaeological searches. When they are far away from the equilibrium, they may become hardened and become ruthless in their relationships. At this point, self-pardoning is worthy. Difficulties in their lives and their sharp awareness point their ability to know what does and does not work and their potential to become a perfect guide for others.