Storm (Cauac)

Personality - Young and calm, mobile, friendly and helpful. Versatile, good student and teacher. Philosophy and religion drawn. Related to the recovery and purification.

Qualities -

Mayan shamans say that the people born in the Storm sign bring a great karmic burden to work on when they come into this world. This people will have to deal with pain and grief in extraordinary amounts. Although their past is so stormy, their close past is actually more fortunate. Storm people are very sensitive and compassionate. This sensitive nature leads them to have a great desire to serve the world. Storm people can thus get rid of karmic troubles by dedicating themselves to a higher purpose. When they do this, they will be solved positively and will be strengthened to realize this high purpose. The storm person's distinctive feature is regardless of how old he is, carries youth energy. At the very least, the storm is understood as a symbol of strength, power, youth and curiosity, but there is a deeper side of the horoscope. Storm people are discreet, mentally active, chatty and friendly. Many relate to religious, philosophical, or spritiual studies. At this step of their journey, this sign represents 'the abundance of the rain' to us; Abundance and gifts in the rain. The essence of the storm is the feelings of unity, security, warmth that live in the house while the anger and trouble whirlwinds are blowing in the outside world. Stormy people who are constantly vigorous exist to experience the ecstasy of freedom. They love to learn and they teach perfectly. Wind people are always following new experiences. This feature can lead them to internal storms and external difficulties. Looking at these difficulties, which are actually experiences of learning, they enrich their lives rather than to suffer.