Rabbit (Lamat )

Personality - Energetic, busy, nervous, smart and player. Smart, but a bit paranoid. Likes to fight.

Qualities -

The people born under the sign of rabbit (or Star) are said to be very lucky and have a fortunate fate. Having similar features both in Chinese zodiac and Mayan culture the Rabbit symbolizes luck. People born the day of Rabbit have a prominent feature of having relaxed and comfortable relationship with the "real" world. They can be successful easily and always have a better luck. There is a talent coming from subtle and subliminal mind about making money. Efficiency and productivity are essential qualities. Rabbit people may be productive as well as lecherous. This may push them to alcohol and drug addiction, and they need to overcome the obstacles in their lives and develop awareness. There is one amongst the most convenient ways to overcome obstacles by productive way to channel their energy and avoid laziness. Star power is multiplying abundance of everything. This sign is associated with the proliferation ability of rabbit. Like all suns in the sky Star people shine equally in all directions. Natural tendency for harmony and balance can turn into compulsion, and this can make a star very docile and very generous. Star people have a never-stoppable tenacious mind. They need constant encouragement; They like to read and communicate and talk about everything. These are people who can do the job in a short time with large quantities. If Star people believe that they have given too much they would be weakened and may even crash. As a black hole stars are prone to verbal joust and try to impose their views on everyone else. Those born under this sign should be themselves and develop compassion for others in the most genuine way. This step in the journey is actually learn to love themselves and others.