Death (Cimi)

Personality - Security conscious, materialistic, self-sacrificing and helpful. They have interests and curiosity towards society and politics.

Qualities -

Death sign Mayan calendar is considered one of the most lucky sign. The most fundamental thing the death symbolizes is "conversion". This can be exemplified by cosmic transformation which leads to the divinity Hero Twins of Maya from being the human. Spiritual transformation of the nature of death becomes smooth and remains in everlasting effect. Death is said to be born in the bastion of soft and feminine sides, which is very advantageous. Their kindness duties plays as a magnet attracting abundance into your life. They are also romantic and intelligent as well as having high psychic abilities. Life, death and rebirth cycle. As a converter these people are successful to reach objectives and emotional richness. They can become respectable businessmen. "Conversion people" can help others in life to have serene passage because of their spiritual strength and guidance. People born under this sign have a political awareness, and often they give themselves to community service, or at least they follow political events. Society will benefit from their discipline and organization skills. Transforming people as intellectuals usually conservative. They connect to a set of ideas and a certain mold and preserving their tradition, they feel more comfortable. "Conversion people" have a tendency to form partnerships with powerful person in the environment. They are more passive than aggressive and still generally the one who holds the power in a relationship. Having contact with the ancestors activates their innate psychic abilities and they use it as a skill in helping others.