Monkey (Chuen)

Personality - Remarkable, artist, clever and emotionally extrovert. Different interests, chatty and very curious.

Qualities -

Monkey is one of the luckiest signs. It is said that those born under this sign are very fortunate in matters such as marriage, children, work and money. They do not need to learn anything because they already knew. Monkey people are the natural artists and artisans of this world. They can be fed from the qualities of all the other signs, such as a monkey, since they are in the middle of 20 signs. This, in turn, results in some knowledge about anything. They become good friends and they are very popular because they are lively. But the artist's ego problem is famous. Those born as monkeys can be so close to dealing with their creativity, skills and luck that they can ignore thinking about others. Egoism is their dark side, and the test of life is to overcome this egoism. In Mayan times, Monkey was known as the weaver of time. Monkeys take their thoughts like a thread and threads it to our real fabric by weaving them. New thoughts or discoveries are still threaded by a monkey to our lives. They have strong personalities, sometimes emotionally distant from others. As a natural leader, they choose to be either leader or independent, never being in the middle of both. They like to play small jokes and attract attention so much that they can sometimes play jokers by pretending to be overactive to get the scene light. Showing everloving, caring, intelligent and generous character. The innocent curiosity of the monkeys leads them to artistic expression and constructive solutions. Many Monkeys can be highly respected merchants or speakers. Monkeys can focus themselves only for a short while and can not show interest in it to master it.