Road (Eb)

Personality - Comfortable, polite, meticulous and useful. It is also vulnerable, delicate and easy to wear. Ambitious and hardworking.

Qualities -

The Road symbolizes the life spiral that Mayans call the stairway leading to Heaven. This sacred energy path consists of two spirals descending from the skyline, traveling along our spinal cord, reaching the earth, and reaching the chunk from the earth in the same way. There is no doubt that people born under this zodiac sign are equipped with special powers. Why do not any famous names come out of this sign then? Generally, the Road is very busy to help people, and they prefer to do it in silent ways. They do not want to be recognized because of the services they do. Their orientation is a spiritual path in a natural balance and beauty. The mother of time, the man of destiny. These people open and guide their way to groups, society and people. They are sympathetic, obedient, dedicated, hardworking workers and organizers. Road people are lucky in business and travel. Sensitivity and emotional awareness are at the heart of kindness and personal subtlety. They have a practical way of thinking. Despite being competitive to achieve their goals, they avoid facing with others. Many are nursing patients who are incapable, sick, difficult, and may have many sacrifices. Sometimes called grass, this horoscope is the most generous and most modest of all life forms such as grass. With the shadow side the Road tends to hide the anger and hatred, which can be a medicament to illness and lies. Finally the road brings great benefit to the society with the desire and service for peace and tranquility.