Light (Ahau)

Personality - Loving, devoted, artist, dreamer and romantic. Socially awkward but well-intentioned. Stubborn and non-cooperative.

Qualities -

The day of light is the day of the Mayan shamans choose to have a private spiritual rituals. Although it is said that quite fortunate people born under this sign, actually light has a quite complex nature. For Aztecs this sign is the sign of poets, singers, dancers and creative artists. And such crafts seen as an internal connection with the expression of a higher power. The people born under the sign of Light will have special psychic abilities and are said to have a strong relationship with the collective unconscious. Their close relationship with this other world, which can be very fast, very close and therefore unhealthy. The exam which compels the Light people, is to use their power in right and healthy way. Another weak point is that they can be easily caught up in the earthly pleasures and desires. If they can manage to stay away from unhealthy direction of mysticism and worldly desire they will be rich and wise. Day of light is the day of the binding guidance to their ancestors. Light types are dreamers.They have a strong intrinsic ideals and strive to achieve them in a stubborn manner. Light people who became artists, athletes and wise visionary heroes would lead people and protect them. Most of them develop their taste in one or many different branches of art.