Lizard (Kan)

Personality - Related with leadership and performance, active, dynamic and sexual. Effective, having high standards.

Qualities -

Mayan horoscope predicts that people born under the Lizards sign will be both rich and wise. If they give their attention to their life's mission they will have good fortune at the future. Lizards are quite worldly and have good health and fertility in his/her life. A typical lizard also extremely sexual, and this is in fact an indication of his productivity and fertility. loss of control over their desires can lead them away from their mission and this is the obstacle Lizard people have to overcome. If they choose a vital energy channeled to work / craft they became master in this regard and will have a rich life full of wisdom. Family, sexuality, and the magically sprouting characters are main characteristics of this sign. Lizard people are natural network makers and are trying to liberate others and themselves from their oppressive patterns and past debts. People born under this sign are powerful thinkers, but they have tendency to lack flexibility of mind. Once they think something from start to finish they won't easily sway from this thought. These people live creative and productive lives and have generally stable but unconventional relationships. They are extremely sexual and must do something with the primordial energy roaring inside. If they use their powerful minds towards transforming themselves, it would be a way guide towards abundance and fulfillment. To create a genuine blessing Lizard should know the value of all the gifts and lessons and should do deep research on his/her own self. With the lack of thanksgiving and courage to face himself, Lizard finds itself in a less efficient environment.