The most important feature for you is to display your intelligence. You have a very practical and moving head. Especially in difficult situations, you can recover the situation by finding clever and timely solutions. Your intuition also plays an important role in this case. You can easily adapt to your current situation. It is not difficult for you to say something immediately, even on an unfamiliar subject, and to speak like a forty-year expert after a little progress. You impress people with talking. You can be a little chatty but you can make friends easily. There is something aerial in your faulty side. It is difficult for you to deal with a subject for a long time. You get bored as quickly as you can. For this reason, you do not need to load everything. Sometimes you change your mind too fast when you decide on a topic. This can even make you tired. This may make you untrustworthy. However, people can not understand what you suffered in making decisions! Your interests and your work are always more than one. You can carry two events at the same time. As if being with two lovers, two jobs, two revenue gates. You are pretty generous and money is there for you to spend. You want to learn by living instead of reading. With the help of your own practical intelligence, you can easily learn and do not have to knock down books until morning. It should not be expected that you have a serious interest in reading. It is enough to read a little from there and a little from this. But you finally know how to sell the information you buy. You are an impatient person, and the issues that require deep attention are not for you. There are two important topics among your flawed sides, lies and curiosity to gossip. Since you have a double character, it is difficult to decide for you. Obviously, it is difficult to predict how you will behave. You can easily be under influence and you can give up quickly. A feature that is remarkable is that you are very active. You can not stand at your place. Even if you are talking, your hands will play at least. As you are talented and creative, your hand skills are quite high. Classical and routine behavior is not suitable for you. You can have interest and research everything. The press, publishing, marketing, speaking, business, scene and literature attract you. You will have a lot of friends but very close friends are very few. You do not like to have limits in any way. You are always ready to discuss ideas. Your movement can cause premature aging. The biggest obstacle for you is to remain motionless. You have a long, thin body. Your arms and legs are long. Your eyes are light or hazel, and your skin is wheat or dark brown. Your hand fingers are usually thin and long. Your face may be long but not fleshy.