You are a kind, balanced, sensitive, polite, harmonious and thoughtful person. You never like a fight and a bug. You will try to get along well with your friends. You are a person who has succeeded in removing the snake from hole with soft and sweet tongue. You believe that your silence is the best medicine. All of this does not show that you will be friendly with everyone. On the contrary, you will very well examine and choose your friends. In general, your friends are the ones who are at the top or are needed by you. Your sense of justice is very developed and you can not stand the injustice. Even if you are at your own disadvantage, you will behave from the standpoint of the justice. For you the most important thing is to be fair in everything. You can distinguish between good and evil and never stare from truth. You will try to fulfill your promise. You have confidence in other people with your calm and understanding attitude. In general people listen to you and value your ideas. You do not want to break another one and you seem to do what he says. Good things, harmony, music and love are the main purposes in life. Intuition is so important to you that sometimes you get married at your first encounter. When love is dominant, the logic remains behind. This sometimes brings happiness sometimes regret. You are the one who gives everything when you love. As long as you love, even justice can be sacrificed. As a Libra who can not find what you he is looking for, you can be a vagabond. The other people compliment you with your attractive and handsome personality, and they chase you. You have a devil feather. Sometimes you can very skillfully lie and make promise you do not hold. You will find beauty and all the beautiful things. You will get dressy, expensive and luxurious things. In the meantime, music for you is literally a soul food. It is very important that the air of peace and balance be not disturbed in your surroundings. However, you can also apply for physical strength if necessary. You could be a stone like person with leaving soft fur too. Nevertheless, a calm and lazy life is more attractive than physical movements that will tire you. You have no connection to money and material, but you can make it to an extreme level of generosity and damage yourself. Rising Libra on a birth chart will give beauty to women and handsomeness to men. You must be beautiful and attractive. The body is thin, shaped and long. Hair can be yellow, light coffee and sometimes black. Your face is oval, the lines are clear and distinct, and your skin is wheat color. Your face and your body are harmonious and attract other people's attention.