People see you as determined, stepped on solid ground, act as one seeking the reliability. Of course, you're the one who loves to have a delicious meal! To have a great wealth and to eat delicious dishes are your life's basic instincts. You are extremely stubborn. After moving to thoroughly think about reaching your goal you will never relinquish the place. You are also will be able to overcome the obstacles in front of you, one by one. Of course, if the situation is even more powerful than you can handle things may change. You are assumed to be very strong. You will move with solid, self-confident steps and patience. Your style is working hard, while believing your goals. You undermine any obstacle. It is very important for you to be in security. Those that will provide them are money and property. The struggle of life focuses on these two issues. As a result, you may feel insecure. Being unnecessarily worried and losing your hand frightens you. Hurry up and hasten are not for you. You prefer being practical rather than smart. They see you as very conservative person. You are very determined person. That's why you can make your loved ones suffer. Especially you are expecting the same things from the people who are in love with you. It is very difficult for you to get rid of a subject that make your mind busy. All logical explanations are nonsense for you. It is very difficult to tell you the right thing, to make the facts acceptable and to make you comfortable. You'll be a jerk of your obsession. You listen others, but you walk in the way you know. You will always return to your conservative and old ideas. It is almost impossible to change your habits. In these matters, you will be extremely dominant and harsh. This situation forces the limits of other people's endurance. You have deep feelings. It is very difficult for you to disconnect from the person you are connected to. Being loved is also important to you. Failure in love makes you more stubborn and unbearable. You are happy with your passion and your love in this matter. When you are separated, your mind creates distrust. For this reason you will be quite jealous. You have a healthy and strong structure. You will not be sick easily. If you are, you will heal and recover quickly. You are fond of nature. You are the type who do not accept aging. You are a person who does not hesitate to work, but comfort also attracts you. You are a person who is well versed in the arts. You are generally a calm person, but one must see your anger too. It will be very difficult for you to calm down. You are a fond of home and family. A beautiful and cozy house attracts you. You will be respectful of community rules and values. Your appearance is noticeable in the thick and short neck.You have broad shoulders, wide and squat body. You have chestnut-colored and dark hair. Your body is dark in color and grain. Ascending Taurus will give women beauty and charm, while making men handsomeness.