Dates - 21 April - 21 May
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Element - Earth
Property - Fixed
Precious Stone - Emerald
Celebrities - Kant, Salvador Dali, Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud, Suleiman the Great, Queen II Elizabeth, Lenin, Barbara Streisand, Evita Peron, Honore de Balzac, Johannes Brahms, Bertrand Russell, Shakespeare
The characteristics of the earth sign Taurus which he got from the fixed group lead him to accumulate, to protect, and to possess the property. Taurus with sensitive nature wants to have valuable things. Taurus can protect other's goods and properties with the same responsibility as they are his own properties and goods. They are interested in security and insurance is exactly suitable job for Tauri. Being patient, he wants to see the result of his labor as soon as possible. Although some zodiac signs try to be famous and respected, the most important thing for a Taurus is to earn cash for their labor.
Tauri which is governed by the planet of beauty, harmony, art and love - Venus ... They are the one of Earth group signs and carry a fixed nature. The planet Venus, the earth group, and fixed nature of Taurus is marked by their characteristics.
Therefore, robustness, practicality, determination, willpower is among the most important features of the Taurus.
On the other hand they are stubborn. No one can easily direct or lead them. However, if they trust, they can follow someone willingly and faithfully. They choose to be stable, balanced, conservative in their way of life and adhere to the rules. They want peace and harmony. They are for the status quo. As they are constant, any change disturbs them and they resist change. As a member of an earth group, they succeed thoroughly and make their order of importance according to material values and physical needs in life.

Authors of the book of the practicality

They are sharp minds, but they are not an intellectual. It would be better to call them practical and pragmatist. Sometimes there are attachments that reach to the idea of fixation. They prefer not to follow the current, approved rules, but to move with safe patterns. They stay away from different, variable, eccentric, and cold things. Because such concepts generally frighten Taurus. Their nature is susceptible to dependence, loyal, prudent, discreet, equitable, and sometimes somewhat rigid. Their will is strong. For this reason, they do not get tired of the difficulties. At the same time they are virtuous. Rarely, there are Taurus who tend to extremes, who are delighted with the change, but in general they are exceptional and exceptions do not break the rule. They become slave to traditions so that they do not realize that they have harmed themselves and their peer group.

Traditional, Angry Taurus

Stubbornness is also a distinctive feature of a Taurus. Sometimes it can go so far on stubbornness that it only becomes a solid, conservative, argumentative, boring and introverted person who advocates his own justice, does not place any originality. Luckily, usually their love for beauty usually puts them away from being such a person. They are a frightening enemy when they are hurt. They feed the wounds they have accumulated for years, put them in the incubator and get revenge. You have to be afraid of an angry Taurus. Taurus, on the other hand, needs structural support. From time to time, their egos must be rubbed and you have to tell them something like "amazing, you did well". They are loyal, generous and interested in their friends. However, they usually choose to make friends from the upper class, or at least the class they are in, in terms of social status. Because Taurus is a member of earth group, and material values come first for them.

Taurus explosion

Taurus explosionIn general, the Taurus are known for their gentle, good-natured, modest qualities. They do not get angry easily. They want to avoid bad feelings and debates. Just be careful! ... they explode when they are provoked. The explosions are so violent and torn that all the famous autocontrols become steam, flying away. On the other hand they are funny and joyful. They have pleasant conversation and they are humorous people, and from time to time they can turn these features into demonstrations.They have a good sense of aesthetics. Sometimes their physical appearance may be in conflict with this aesthetic sense. However, their love of art is exceedingly fascinating. They also have artistic abilities. They do not like the ugly, filthy, strange things. Especially their musical talents are remarkable.

Successful businessmen and businesswomen

They love the pleasures of life, the luxury, the good food, the fine wines because they are fond of everything that is beautiful. However they resist to provocations that lead them to drunkenness, greed, and a subtle assault. They try to be moderate. They are usually specialized in their work. Sometimes they may be not afraid to do dirty work in business. They are reliable, practical, methodical and obedient to their superiors. They usually choose jobs that are routine, reliable and responsive, that do not involve rush, change, and have a good retirement at the end. However, some of them are creative and entrepreneurs. Their productivity and diligence will lead them to establish their own business and will often succeed in this; It is no coincidence that many successful Taurus work in the fields of banking, architecture, construction, auctioneering, chemistry, medicine and industry. At the same time they can be good managers and educators. Cooking and chef positions are also suitable for Taurus. Bulls, whose voice is beautiful, can be good musicians and opera artists. They have developed sense of pleasure and they are fond of love. For this reason they are attracted to their sexuality. But they prefer the known paths instead of fantasy, they are not experimental about sexuality. They are calm, loyal, caring, and loving partners, and don't have extreme demands from neither their spouse nor their children. Sometimes they can be overly proprietary. They can be a bitter enemy to people who break their heart. They can be forgiving anyway, if the person who broke them will act before them, regret it, and try to make up for it. But if he/she don't, he/she has to be scared. No sign in the zodiac is as close to the earth as the Bulls. The basic vital taste of a Taurus is related to stability and physical issues. As for their spiritual side ... Their spiritual feeling; Wishes for harmony in life. When they catch this harmony, they get rid of themselves in comfort, and property. This discovery leads to the inner peace of the Taurus and the full life of their lives. As a result, a Taurus wants to discover the most accurate, deepest and highest values. When he finds what is really valuable, he will stop running after less valuable things. The greatest value for a Taurus is actually beauty. Beauty is not something to possess, but something that can be appreciated.