Dates - 22 Mayıs - 21 Haziran
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Element - Air
Property - Mutable
Precious Stone - Agate
Celebrities - J.Paul Sartre, Marilyn Monroe, Clint Eastwood, Che Guevera, John F. Kennedy, John Wayne, Thomas Mann
The Gemini is an intelligent, intellectual, mobile sign. He constantly needs to exchange new information, news and ideas. Because he wants to share his ideas and thoughts with others, does not like being lonely person and even a phone call makes him very happy. Because his mind works with the speed of light, they can combine many different kinds of information in different ways. He is always neutral, evaluates new information neutrally and changes very quickly. Because he can easily adapt to everything, takes responsibilities in a lot of matters, and because of this overdistribution, his duties start to delay. If he concentrates on a subject, he will finish the work in a day, that everyone can finish in a week.
Gemini which is governed by the planet of intelligence, communication and youth - Mercury. Belonging to the Air group and of variable quality Gemini shows all properties of his group, the nature of the planet and of course, the symbol of "Gemini".
The fact that he belongs to the air group causes him to be somewhat aerial, and thus volatile, while his mutable nature causes him to wander around. The analytical intelligence of the planet Mercury is both his greatest savior and the most unreliable side. The Gemini carry a duality in their nature. This dilemma strikes the eye in almost every area of their lives. One part of him wants to stay as another part likes to go. One side loves another side breaks. One side is trustworthy while another side is unreliable. In the Zodiac, Gemini manages hands, the nervous system and the speech center. For this reason, the folks of Gemini are wise, their intelligence is dismal. When it comes to speaking; No one can easily pour water into the hands of Gemini.

A butterfly flying from a flower to a flower

Gemini is full of contrasts, complex, difficult to hold in the palm of the hand, with binary nature. They have two different faces, of mutable quality and aerial. Gemini is governed by Mercury, the planet of communication, intelligence, youth and childhood. For this reason, the features that Mercury bestowed on the Gemini are extraordinary. They are a bit like children, adolescents and they do not change much during their lives. When they feel good, when things are going well, Gemini is bedazzling. They are extremely charming, and can hypnotize everyone around. But when they feel bad, when things do not go well everything change. If conditions is as they desire, they are are cheerful, alive, full of life and happy as a child. In the opposite case, however, the other side of Gemini nature emerges. They are now self-centered, restless and controversial. Whether it is practical or not, whether it is conclusive or not, they use to dive into any new project. He does not even think about it. Because his nature needs constant renewal. They are seen to jump from one project to another. They do this not for very serious purposes. They are just like a butterfly running from flower to flower. Life must always be filled with fresh things for them. They hate their routine, they do not have the ability to concentrate or concentrate too much. Changing horses while crossing the stream is another Gemini feature. Especially when it comes to making decisions on any topic. When they make a complete decision, they can change their mind and go in another direction. Because they lack the ability to think consistently, they often have lost cases. There are also compassionate, polite, gentle, generous aspects of Gemini nature. Gemini are people who think of the poor, suffering for them.


Gemini usually has a life-filled, attractive exterior look. They do not hesitate to use this appeal of their external appearance in any way. When they enter a war, they will use all kinds of weapons in their arsenal. This includes lying, making clever evasions, throwing the blame on others. They do all of this by embracing a very attractive mask too. They really try to be honest and sincere in their good moments, but in general the winning factor is always their selfishness. When things go bad, they get sick like a child. Just like children, they want attention and admiration. When they can not get what they want, they spend their time, their money, their energy in vain. Every change in their environment is reflected in their characters. They are like chameleons. When conditions change, the power of will changes them completely. They become introverted, neurotic if they are not sufficiently sure of themselves. But their excitement and curiosity continue. On the other hand, there is good side in their mutable nature. In this way, it is easier them to adapt to the environment. No other zodiac sign can adapt to changing environmental conditions than Gemini. They control the world with their ingenuous, cunning intelligence and adapt to it.

Bright Intelligence

Gemini are both intelligent and intuitive. The radiant, brilliant intelligence dazzles. They love everything that belongs to intelligence. Unfortunately, their concentrations do not last long and continue. They are usually young people. It is caused by mental agility and energy. In addition, however, have insatiable information hunger and curiosity that can be seen in adolescents or youth. However, it is difficult for them to work to learn. They embrace almost everything with their wonderful intelligence and mental quickness. They can combine handcrafts with mental skills very quickly. Their intelligence is highly analytical, and it gives them the ability to see both sides of a story. This is the good part. The bad news is that same thing breaks down Gemini's decision-making process. Nevertheless, there are many benefits in their duality. If they can use their intelligence positively, this duality can turn into a very effective weapon. When they encounter a problem, they do not make any decisions about the problem until the solution is reached. They do not hesitate to ask for the ideas.

Unreliable Lover

The duality in their nature does not leave their pursuit in love too. One side of Gemini is emotionally connected to his love deeply, while the other side is against this sensuality. This other side makes them leaning backward from time to time in romantic positions. It's like they're watching someone else's life, and that's why their partners will be amazed and experience pain. In fact, they don't get anything too serious. The transient intensity of their feelings does not last too long. They are generally fond of innovation, a little superficial, overhead, cool, flirting. Being such, they hardly notice the pain they give their partners and their loved ones. They like intrigues, they get caught up in the excitement of chasing, and once they catch their prey, they lose all their interest, they do not hesitate in pursuing a new game. They are fun, intelligent friends in unimportant situations. Even in their worst moments, they are not rude and totally insane, boring. Below the superficial appearance there is always a playful side in them. They are brilliant, intelligent and controversial. It is also true that they are loud, boastful, liar and deceitful. Even if the general features are not to be trusted, the Gemini usually succeeds in life. They have a very manipulative ability in writing, in the speech. For this reason they can be excellent negotiators, diplomats, preachers, teachers, writers, poets, journalists or lawyers. Any work that tickles their intelligence is suitable for them. It is not difficult for them to be good scientists, especially in chemistry and astronomy, because they can be neutral, logical, rational and analytical. Art, music, painting and sculpture are suitable for them. Their skeptical side makes them a good researcher.