Dates - 21 March - 20 April
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Element - Fire
Property - Cardinal
Precious Stone - Diamond
Celebrities - Adolf Hitler, Toskanini, Rafael, Goyya, Haydn, Prosper Merime, Nelson, Descartes, Vincent Van Gogh, Johann Sebastian Bach, Charlie Chaplin, Marlon Brando, Fatih Sultan Mehmet
Children of the spring; Arii. They belong to the Fire group and of Cardinal quality. All qualities of spring can be seen in Aries' character. They are anxious, soft, full of energy and hard nut. At spring nature, senses, impulses became very keen. Same is true for Arii.
Ruled by entrepreneurship, sexual energy and war god Mars, Arii just show their planets' and seasons' qualities. They are hasty, enthusiastic, leader and goer. In Astrology new year begins on 21 March, which symbolizes beginning of spring and Aries. Thus, the first sign of the Zodiac, the Aries always symbolizes new beginnings. Little lamb is adventureous, fervent, sensitive, eager and has plenty of energy. Leadership in both thought and action is one of their most important characteristics. Aries is always open to new ideas and bursts with energy, floods. Of course, there will be a challenging side of this energy. And there is. The argument and challenge is another feature of Aries nature. Any challenging situation tries to tame Aries' nature and Aries immediately dedicates itself to fighting it. It does not leave the end of the rope easily. Generally Aries wins every fight he/she enters. However sometimes there are exceptions to this rule. For this reason even the Arii can be broken. It seems that occurs because of their hasty nature. Whatever the topic is, they definitely want to achieve the goal instantly, because if that goal come late it is probable that they will be bored. They may be aggressive. It could be not good for anyone.

They are born to say "I"

Aries is the leader. If there is an Aries in a community, it will automatically play leaderboard and will often do so. Arii are usually good leaders. They manage to take responsibility for people they govern. However, when they became members of the team, they just do not seem to be able to follow the instructions because they want to be the leader. Sometimes, according to the rules of life, when they need to be followers, if they do not agree with the people who need to adjust, the situation gets worse and things get harder because Arii can not accept anything that seems illogical to them.

Arii are born to say "I". They are extremely interested in themselves, and their involvement includes both negative and positive meanings. Their confidence is complete, but this self-confidence sometimes extends to "self-centeredness." Because of intense energies, Arii can be regarded as aggressive nature. They are restless people and can be controversial from time to time. They have upright, fast-fired, and easily offended nature. If they feel offended they can be jealous and vindictive. They can set the clock of revenge time. May become aggressive.

Swift Lovers

Arii are both honest and sincere in their bilateral relations and friendship, and are generous at the same time. Arii, who have a very high sex drive in general, are passionate but fast lovers. Thanks to their impatient nature, they are just not ready to wait for anything. They are not very savvy from such people. In fact, being people who are sensitive naturally and who do not undermine rights of others in some cases they can go bad.
They are sexually very horny and their sexual instincts are very high. Sometimes they have random sexual intercourse with someone because of the high instinct. They can even act like a Don Juan. Many Arii get married at a very early age, thinking they come across the love of their life. Without thinking too much, this hastily determined decision can often also result in frustration. It is better for Aries to think longer on the decision of marriage and not to think about marriage and marry at a very young age. Aries is generally of a monogamous nature. This is a requirement of their self respect. However, if the prince or princess ceases to act like a prince or princess anymore, deception may come to an end; But in general they prefer to finish that relationship. The Arii are very fond of their children. They can give their lives for their children. In the whole Zodiac there are few signs so devoted to their children. It is necessary to be aware of the pioneering spirit of Aries. Because of these features, they are not overjoyed, they prevent others from leading them to do things they do not want. The nature of Aries is usually enthusiastic and directive. They want to be free to move freely, and if they are involved, then they think about the event in the process.

They take revenge if offended

To offend an Aries is not good because they can take revenge with a serious outbursts as their self-identity is too strong. There are negative traits of Aries such as resentment and self-pity. Many Aries is highly intellectual and objective. Rarely they move to extremes in religious areas and policies. However, they are also good in the above cases and get good results from these cases. Their practical intelligence is sharp. But sometimes they can fail being as a child so pure and optimistic, meticulously neglecting to see the other side of the issue by coming out hasty action. Aries must learn self-control. From time to time they have to think about negative traits of their character and the unfavorable traits must be filed. Aries drags right to act every human they encounter. As they are ready for any kind of challenge sometimes they fail, when faced with much stronger people and events and this failure open deep wounds. Whenever Arii feel that they don't know exactly the direction they want to go they must take action by listening to their inner voice. The answer will follow. It may be inevitable for Aries to drop into the bad situation when they don't know whom to face, where to go, and what to do. On the other hand, Arii are compelling and fearless. It is in their nature. If they feel fear in their souls they must make personal review. Because Aries are born to be a champion and leader in life in general, but sometimes go too far, away from this natural leadership they can be tedious and really challenging.

Aries is sometimes just a little lamb

One side of Aries is still a little lamb, there are things to remember that sometimes they may reach their goal by using their lamb quality. So there are things to be challenged, and there are things that will not be challenged. Sometimes you must just wait for attaining your goals. This requires patience that is very little in Aries, however life may bring lessons to them in order that they'll learn this concept. Learning patience will be the utmost success and power for Aries.