Dates - 23 July - 23 August
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Element - Fire
Property - Fixed
Precious Stone - Ruby
Celebrities - Napoleon Bonaparte, Fidel Castro, Alfred Hitchcock, Robert De Niro, Bill Clinton, Benito Mussolini, Coco Chanel, Mata Hari, Jaqueline Onassis, Henry Ford, Carl Gustav Jung, Guy de Maupassant, Madonna
Leo from the fire group reflects the characteristics of the fixed group with creativity and craftsmanship. Leo reveals any idea in most glorious manner. The king of the woods, Leo, has the authority at all times and everywhere as a result of his endless confidence.The symbol of this sign is a male lion. Male lions are not good hunters. They look at the children at home, and the lionesses hunt and bring food to the "home." But both the female lion and the male lion are symbols of power.
Leos are ambitious, hearted, dominant, strong, positive, independent, self-confident. They are proud of themselves. Whether they are for a status quo or against it, they born and remain as leaders. They really show their best qualities in the positions they command. Personal magnetism, attractiveness is eye-catching. They have a great volunteer intelligence. Such that; Those who are under the command of the Leo give them great respect and love. They also expect good merits from their "subject". The Leo are not very complicated. They know what they want and they reach to their goals with all their energy, their creativity.
They know what to pursue, so it is not hard to reach them. His followers are very aware that they are dancing with a lion, even if they do not realize it, they will see it shortly. Being with a Lion requires that you do think big, you have to be big. However, the Leo's great minds and grandiose ideals sometimes frighten those around them and those who act with them. Yet, however, the ability of Leos and their ability to reach full heart of any problem, will renew the confidence of those who are connected with them.

Flashy and idealistic

In general, Leo are idealistic, gentle, humane and gracious. They have a strong mind and can think of a wide perspective. Some Lions may have very strong religious feelings. Leo's with strong religious beliefs will be firmly committed to these beliefs and will have the power to preserve and fulfill traditional beliefs and rules. These attitudes may seem extremely out of date for liberals, but Leo's are very sincere in their beliefs and idealism.

If pride turns into arrogance

Like everybody else, the Leos have flaws. A strong Leo with negative aspects can be one of the biggest headaches for humanity. In fact excessive pride, arrogant, commanding style, with a loss of coolness Leo can be really annoying. If they want to defeat their opponents, they may not hesitate at times to go rogue, to make intrigues, and to vilify them. Among the negative features of the Leo are the self-centeredness, constant hunger for praise, the self-conceit, the bloody words, the troublesome attitudes, the snoby sense of superiority, the arrogance. Besides all these, Leo also have other negative features such as indulgence for luxury, power desire, unlimited sexual lust, emotional addiction. These negative features can sometimes go so far that everyone is running away from them. However, it is necessary to know that Leo's pride comes before anything else. Because of that, Leo usually will not think much. The pride will stop this. What they need to be careful of is their uncontrollable haste. This prepares their fall.

A born king

Fortunately, Leos used to be very disciplined. There is usually a balanced inner wisdom that will prevent all these foams. They know how to consciously use their intelligence against shaky things, and they can beat and win evil. They always want to be at the top in professional life. If they are politicians, they are comfortable only when they serve in the executive position. In business life they are either president or at least manager. They have excellent organizational skills. They can see far perspective. They set the foundations for new projects. Even if they start as a helper in a project, they soon become managers of the project. Because they are ambitious, because they do not like to do small and detailed work. Leo is a star of the scenes in artistic field. Theater and Leo are very closely related. The world of the show is one of the most comfortable areas for Leo. They prefer dramas to comedies because there is more exaggeration and splendor in the drama. Leos are great orchestra directors, and great musicians. If they are painters, they will choose big canvas. Lion women love to work in charity associations.

In love with beauty, tend to deceive

Leos are open, intelligent, sincere and trustworthy in their relationships. They are extroverted and hot. They like to speak kind but clear. If Leo will be rejected by a person he trusts, or if he is betrayed, he will react greatly and be hurt very deeply. Then he'll roar violently. His fury is also burning one. Leo's judging mechanisms can not be said to work very well. They expect loyalty and admiration from the ones they love and those who depend on them, which can sometimes lead to disappointment. They have a very strong sex drive. They are attracted to the opposite sex and want to satisfy their intense sexual desires. For the sake of pleasure and beauty, they run into countless love relationships running from one attractive partner to another. Unfortunately, they tend to deceive. Mostly it is seen that their marriage is over for this reason. They are sincere, generous to their loved ones as long as they continue to love, and are bound to their homes; But if they feel neglected, the situation will change. They know how to take, but they need to learn to give.