Dates - 24 September - 23 October
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Element - Air
Property - Cardinal
Precious Stone - Sapphire
Celebrities - Margaret Thatcher, Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuve, Cervantes, Conficius, Lizst, Oscar Wilde, Giuseppe Verdi
Libra is a great mediator. In other words, it introduces people to each other and creates joyful social environments. Libra, who loves to be in a constant presence, does not know what to do when he is left alone. Creates wonders in teamwork and partnerships. Libra, who is extremely active and authoritative with the characteristics he got from the Cardinal group, establishes friendships with successful people like himself and comes to the party. When the dominating character of the Cardinal group combines with the libra's charming character they easily control people's actions.
The seventh zodiac sign is the Libra, ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, love and harmony. They belong to the air group and carry the cardinal qualities. Examining the symbol of Libra will tell a lot about this sign. The seventh house is also the home of your partnership, partnership relations. For this reason, Venus' lovely children, the Libra, attach more importance to marriage than other signs, and they are more likely to feel the need for partner. The Libra is the zodiac sign painted by a lifeless symbol in the Zodiac. All other signs are symbolized by either animal or human figures. Many modern astrologers describe this as Libra being the most desirable Zodiac type.

The reason for this is, of course, closely related to the season in which the Libra is associated. Because Libra represents the highest point of the season when all important works done in the spring harvested. There is a relief in the air, a maturity, humanity enjoys the last rays of the summer sun, and enjoys the products it has collected in harvest. Perhaps because of this, the Libra are the most civilized and beautiful people among the twelve Zodiac characters.

Elegance, charm and beauty

The Libra are known for their elegance, sharm, pleasure. They are generally known as gentle, soft, with fond of beauty and harmony. Beauty and harmony are manifested in both music and social life. They have a critical mind and they are able to take care of problems by separating them into pieces. Because of these features, they have a neutral judging capacity. However, this does not mean that they will tolerate to all those who oppose their ideas, who oppose their plans. In any case if they have to come to a conclusion, even if they reach the solution through long process, the truth will be very clear to them after that conclusion. However, among their flaws, there is intolerance against criticism. It is also true that they have a little bit of need for approval. But the general characteristics are balanced, diplomatic and double natured.

Perfect Lover

Libra are sensitive to human needs. They have innate capacity to understand the emotional needs of human beings. They also have the ability to vaccinate optimism into their spouses. That's why the Libra are good partners, spouses. Just as their partners are with them, they are committed to make them happy. They are very sociable while being loyal to their spouses. They do not like the cruelty, the evil, the brutality, and the dualities that trigger hatred among people. For this reason, they try to reconcile with everyone in their surroundings. Libra's mind is a very artistic mind, not an intellectual one. For this reason, in general, they seem to be too moderate, balanced; They are avant-garde in their artistic endeavors. Perception and observation skills have improved a lot. Because of their critical ability, they put forth their whole work by evaluating their own and other people's work. In personal relationships, they try to understand the points of view of the people, try to resolve all differences through reconciliation.

Love of Gossip

Libra loves the opposite sex. Sometimes they can have arbitrary relationship, but usually they are connected to a single partner they are in love with. They draw their love into romanticism surrounded by emotion. Their marriage usually survives as a success, because they put into reality marriage of correct brains. Libra's unlimited courtesy to her partner will resolve all kinds of injuries between them. So much, so that the partner can not even be sure whether the two are making any debate. The Libra are the most amiable, most understanding, and most tolerant people to empathize among all the zodiac signs. Libra has its negative characteristics as well as every sign. Libra can be lightweight, pretend to be flirting, or even shallow. They can be mutable, can be ambiguous. They can not stand the routine and can be sometimes very tempted, traditional and timid. They show anger when their environment make them have headache. That sweet Libra can suddenly shock people around with anger burst. Their affection to tenderness can lead them into extravagancy. While men of Libra can become gamblers who do not care about the world, women of Libra can be extravagant, jealous, people who do not care about money, people who are wasting their talents and wealth. Both the Libra woman and the man are actual gossip lovers. This type of feature is caused by an insatiable interest that prompts to research all kinds of social scandals in their environment.

Lazy Libra

The name of the Libra in his works is "Lazy Libra", which is not exactly true. To them, the term "Lazy Libra" may be come out as a result of the vocal harmony of the lazy's L and the Libra's L. It is true that they do not like rough and dirty work, but they can be energetic at a surprising rate. Most are modest, but some are over-ambitious. Although they do not like extremes, they are good diplomats, but they are not good politicians. Because they are moderate and have the ability to see every aspect of a problem. This is not an attribute that allows politicians to stay in power, even if it is good for them. Because of high justice sentiments, they can be successful lawyers and judges. They can also tend to be antique traders, civil worker and bankers. Because they are extremely reliable when the topic is the money of others. Some Libra have a surprising interest in fashion design. They can also be successful in the field of theatre, music, critical review, interior designer and entertainment. Some of them work in charities with a great deal of good will and discipline.