Dates - 22 Haziran - 22 Temmuz
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Element - Water
Property - Cardinal
Precious Stone - Pearl
Celebrities - George Walker Bush, Julius Caesar, Lady Diana, Kenan Evren, Louis Armstrong, Nelson Rockefeller, Yul Brynner, Ernest Hemingway, Hermann Hesse, Kafka, Pablo Neruda
Cancer marks people's emotions, exploring and experiencing different emotional environments. Being a water sign Cancer is the most tricky one among the cardinal signs in a way to tell his/her love for freedom and desires. Despite its soft appearance, all the features of the cardinal group are also available in the Cancer, with the same strength. Cancer has a very intense inner world, with frequent emotions. Although it does not like innovations, it can initiate and accept changes when needed. Cancer has deep sense of compassion which can be found only in the Pisces. Because of its inner world, he is affected more by tidal waves rather than other people. He can feel both joy and pain more, and can suffer more than a normal person.
The fourth sign of the Zodiac, Cancer which is affected by the ruler of dreams, fogs, water - Moon. Having moods as different as the phases of Moon Cancer belong to water group and are amongst cardinal signs. They have characteristic similar to the Moon which manages ebb and flow, water. Therefore, they are both transparent and sometimes dark and mysterious, as in the invisible times of the Moon. Cancer may be shy, timid, introverted, and bright and dazzling. In short Cancer has all qualities of humanity.


Looking at the Crab symbol of Cancer, a lot can be understood about Cancer. The Crab in nature is dressed in thick skin, with this thick skin it protects its soft side from evil. There is also a similar sidebreak in the Cancer signs. From the outside it looks different and hard, while their inner world is romantic and emotional. In the same way the house is very important for Cancer. Because the house is the crab's crust. Generally, Cancer have a traditional, domestic nature. Their home is their vital center. The Cancer see their homes as a nest where they will stay away from all the evils of life and feel safe. This does not change much for male or female Cancers. Both also have a natural maternal instinct. Cancers love big families. House for Cancer, literally means nest. Cancers usually love mild dimly-lit homes. Their home seldom looks like a haven. For them the house is not a place to show for foreigners, but a sanctuary.

Exterior is Lion, Interior is Sparrow

All this home affection does not mean that Cancer does not like sociability. Only time for them to socialize and time to be alone are reserved. They can be very social or even play the role of the favourite in parties. These aspects are one of the most confusing aspects of Cancer. They appear to be imposing, thick skinned, emotionless, uncompromising, stubborn, gossiped, purposeful, energetic, distant, intuitive and wise. They are open and inspired by their intuition. This inspiration also has profound philosophical aspects. Their inner and outer worlds are very different. When you reach the inner world of a Cancer, it is very surprising. The Inner Cancer is sensitive, sensitive to humans, especially over-loving.

Unlimited Imagination

The Cancer's imagination is unlimited. Thanks to this vast imagination they have developed a high empathy ability. They can easily understand what others feel, and put themselves in their place. They have an inner world that extends fantasy. Sometimes they try to shape their lives according to their romantic ideals. They are fond of art and literature, especially theater lovers too. The flow and action in the theater, the ups and downs of the play remind them of the tides influenced by the Moon and lead them to a real thrill. They already have a great literary, artistic talent. Great hearing abilities and mimic skills can lead them to great success on stage, and become successful actors.

Phases of Moon

The surprising aspect of the Crabs is that they have an intense interest in things that are unrealistic, beyond the truth, even though they seem to be people who are extremely down on the ground. Therefore, they are interested in occultism and mystery, and have more psychic abilities than the average person. They are as variable as the phases of the moon. Their emotions make peak in full moon. They love the water's edge and relax here. Water and crab are inseparable. For this reason, they are interested in all things related to sea and maritime. If they can achieve a compromise with the contradiction between introversion and extraversion, they can influence young generations with their idealism. Taking a leading position in a youth organization can be a job for them. In their personal relationships, they are a mixture of stiffness and softness in love. They can break borders in sensuality and romance, live in the points of love fantasies. On the other hand, their one side is realistic. Their love in real life and marriage would not be so emotional. But they are very loyal. Sometimes they are bound, depending on the degree of stickiness. Rarely, they may break their loyalty. Especially male crabs are weaker against sensual stimuli.Yet all the Cancer remain faithful to their families and their wives because they consider themselves their protector.

A memory that does not forget

Both Cancer men and women have unlimited love, they give too much and want very little. The lesson they need to learn; to get as gracefully as you can. The people they love and admire affect them very easily. They are loyal friends, but these loyalties have a negative side. The worst part of this loyal side is that they are often sceptical, doubtful and cold to their new friends and new circles. They have such a strong memory that even though years pass, they remember the smallest detail like yesterday. Of course, this feature is creating good situation in terms of remembering good, bad in terms of remembering bad ones. Especially childhood memories are of great importance for Crabs. Childhood memories are alive in their memory as in the first day. In this sense, they live much in past than today. They are already very fond of the past. They invigorate the future in their dreams. When they meet a love who haven't reacted good to them in the past, they relive all their love again.

Complex and full of fantasies

Crabs with varying moods also have negative aspects, such as each sign. They can be messy, disgruntled, confused. Moods often change. There is a tendency to self-pity because of the inferiority complex, praise is their soft belly. Sometimes they can be uncompromising, disruptive and difficult. This is because of their deep skepticism. They make concessions to get the majority's approval, and they want to look nice to them, and they do things that look nice. Therefore they change their views and sometimes their loyalty. This can be reflected in their work and thus they may lack stability. They can abuse people's trusts. On the other hand, their romance can make them a case person. They are usually patriotic. Cancer can be successful in almost every field professionally. They can be good journalists, writers and politicians, especially because they are very interested in people's thoughts and can make a safe judgment. But even if they are politicians, they will prefer to stay in the background because they don't want to be in the foreground in power relations. There are also very successful Cancer people working in the fields of public relations, nursing and catering. Trade and especially maritime trade are well suited to the nature of Cancer. Economics may be another Cancer profession because they know well the feeling of value, and they have the ability to combine novelty and originality. Another feature of Cancer people is accumulation. It's a Cancer feature to accumulate all sorts of things. Therefore, they can be good collectors, auctioneers and antique dealers. Real estate, maritime, cookery and gardening are also suitable for them. Physically, their size is above average, they have a fleshy body. Their hair is usually brown, face is round and white, foreheads are slightly out, lips are meaty. They walk like a crab, shaking from side to side.