Dates - 21 January - 22 February
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Element - Air
Property - Fixed
Precious Stone - Ametyst
Celebrities - Bertolt Brecht, James Dean, Paul Newman, Franz Schubert, Jules Verne, Eva Braun, Charles Darwin, Charles Dickens, Clark Gable, Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, Franklin Roosevelt, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Galileo Galilei, Thomas Alva Edison
The communicative nature of the air group and the persistent nature of the fixed group have made it possible for friendships to stay together in Aquarius. Aquarius gives much importance to friends and friendship lasts for a lifetime. Aquarius's natural home is the 11th house and at the same time it is the house of unions, communities, groups and associations. The constant character of Aquarius may surprise some. Constant qualities show a scientific mind structure that regularly processes itself in Aquarius, in the form of regular works with definite conclusions. Aquarius makes progress with planned and systematic rather than impatient and sudden outbursts like Aries. Aside from that Aquarius is the sign of genii and inventors.
The eleventh sign of the Zodiac, sign of novelties, revolutions and children of electrified planet Uranus - the ruler of the future.
They are the one of Air signs and have fixed quality. The natural celestial house of Aquarius is eleventh house and rules over big human societies, human ideals and groups.
Known as the sign of prodigies, it is very often that Aquarii selflessly devoted themselves to great humane ideals.

After the Truth

Aquarians are basically strong and attractive personalities. Aquarius is mainly divided into two main types: the first type; Shy, sensitive, soft and patient. The second type, which looks outward, is enthusiastic, lively and cheerful. Aquarius sometimes hides the depth of character under a mask of inauspiciousness. Both types of Aquarius are powerful and are challenging in different areas. First of all they are after the truth. Persuasion abilities are high. However, if the findings show that they are wrong, they are honest enough to change their minds. They have a wide range of visions that make all the different factors come together. They do not hesitate to take sides, they see both sides of a problem. For this reason, they approach different views with no prejudice and with tolerance. Another reason for this is their ability to recognize the right side in the debate immediately, although they themselves don't accept it. They have adopted the saying "Be at the side of right wherever it comes from."

Philosophical and spiritual

Both types of Aquarius are humane, honest, serious, occasionally cheerful, refined, sometimes overhead, idealistic. However, a considerable practicality accompanies their idealism. Being quick and active, they have a persistence that does not reveal itself by claim. They express themselves in a logical, moderate manner and sometimes with dry sense of humor. They are clever, consistent, clear and logical. The imaginations of some Aquarians are enormous and their intuition is also strong. Sometimes, the philosophical and spiritual tendencies of Aquarius can be dangerous. Because such Aquarians can drag their followers into an ivory tower, spend time with abstracting and meditating, breaking all their connections with life. On the other hand; Scientifically-oriented Aquarius can direct these spiritual traits to the universal brotherhood of mankind, which is in fact the ideal of all Aquarius, and can work for the good of all mankind. Great human sufferings inspires Aquarians and they can dedicate themselves to a lawsuit at the expense of risking their health and lives.

Secularist and meditative

Both types of Aquarius need from time to time to withdraw from the world and to be completely alone. They do not miss opportunities for meditation. Religious Aquarius retreats. They also portray a different portrait in their working lives. Aquarians act independently, even if they work in a company, they refuse to follow the crowd. They do not want anyone to get involved with them. If the proposals are well-intentioned they steer them as they want. They have a good taste in theater, music and art.

Lonely person, loyal lover

Despite all this intense, magnetic, pioneering and open personality and desire to help humanity; Even outward-facing Aquarius do not make friends easily. If people do not try to be particularly close to them, they do not strive for friendship and do not easily surrender themselves. Their judgments about human nature are a little cold. But once they are convinced that a person is worthy of companionship and love, they are almost hypnotically connected. They will be good friends and lovers. They remain loyal to their loves, their friends, they sacrifice a lot for their loved ones. However, they desire more than human beings can afford because of their high ideals. For this reason, sometimes they feel disappointed. The fury is terrible when they understand that they are fooled. If their love plagued by disappointment, they will not forgive.

Astronaut and natural historian

Aquarii display their highest performances in group projects. Within the group, they become generally leader or the project manager. The strong formation of unity with nature and the knowledge, hunger for truth make Aquarius a good scientist. Especially they can be very successful in astronomy and natural history. They also have skills for photography and electronics. The aerospace, electricity and radio industries are the areas which Aquarius likes and succeeds. They love literature, especially successful in poetry. They can be a good television reporter and a teacher too. Some Aquarians also have comedic skills, and especially their gestures and mimics are very developed. For this reason, they can choose to be comedian and actor. They can be a musician with their skills. Aquarians with psychic abilities, can be extremely successful in treatment especially those with mental illnesses.


Of course, Aquarius has some negative features as well as every sign. Eccentricity, intolerable egoism, extreme distance, retreat tendency, to be overly dogmatic on their ideas. Aquarius may be a threat to everything they do, or they may be a great source of genius for humanity. The constant opposition to the cause they commit themselves can make their open mind to collapse, which is one of the most attractive features of the Aquarius. Afterwards they may be someone who does not fulfill their promises, is full of secrets, and resort to deceit. The anger and resentment they hide under their serene appearance can turn into a harshness. Even worse, their intense, threatening silences can explode with an extreme anger. It can even take the form of hatred from all humanity.