Dates - 24 August - 23 September
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Element - Earth
Property - Mutable
Precious Stone - Sardonyx
Celebrities - Ray Charles, Ingrid Bergman, Agatha Christie, Greta Garbo, Leo Tolstoy, D.H. Lawrence, Sophia Loren, Friedrich Nietzche
Virgo is more practical than Gemini, at least as smart as he is. Virgo wants to focus on the subjects where he especially can use his communication ability. Virgo does not deal with a lot of topics at once, but he loses himself in detail. There is no sign as meticulous, detailed, attentive, punctual and perfect as Virgo. Hardworking Virgo always strives to do something, to be productive, and to do the work that he does best. He feels bad when he's wasting time. Being an earth group sign, Virgo, has developed a lot of skills to organize, compare, measure, valorize, and make perfect. He is not strict person, because he is among mutable signs. He is a person who can easily adapt and can give up immediately when he realizes that he is doing wrong.
Virgo - sixth sign of the zodiac, children of the Mercure which is the planet of communication and intelligence. They belong to the earth group and have mutable quality. The sixth house is an house of health and service in Astrology. This house's features when combined with Virgo, which means "virgin" in Latin, allow us to be very knowledgeable about the Virgo character. Virgo is an only sign represented by a female character in the Zodiac. Her earth group, the mutable nature, gives us a lot of information about her. It is quite mind-blowing that the virgin's clean, pure, untouched, flawless, chaste, proper meanings mean that we are aware of the characteristics of Virgo.

They are reluctant to show their emotions

Generally when we look at the characteristics of the Virgo, the following can be said in the first sentence: they are observing, sharp-minded, critical, logical, patient and practical people. As an earth group, Virgo usually puts an attitude for continuation of the status quo. He thinks it's more logical and secure. He gives the impression of being emotionally cold. Sometimes these cold look go so far that, they have difficulty in establishing closeness, real friendships. They are meticulous, clean and accurate. They have attitudes that refuse to let go, to let go of the flow of life. Their perfectionism can create problems. They can not tolerate to criticism even if they are extremely critical. Curiosity is a typical Virgo feature. The intelligence and perfection that attaches importance to detail can sometimes prevent them to see the forest because of trees.

Deep-flowing river

Though they seem emotionless on the surface, most Virgo keeps a lot of emotion in the deep. But he can not show it, he is reluctant to show because he does not trust people. In fact, they have basically a mistrust against themselves and their judgments. They think that they are lacking in worldly sense, not sufficiently practical, sophisticated, outward-facing. For this reason, they have developed a kind of art of concealing themselves. They prefer to be friends and close friends in practical and concrete matters to hide their worries and delusions about themselves. Thus they will be saved from exposing themselves. In fact, the river is still flowing deep. They seem unpretentious, joyful, sensitive, prudent, talkative, wise and intelligent. They treat people's problems with great practicality, understand them and find solutions. However, they are not able to make the same practicality and comfort about their own specific relationships.

Researcher, methodologist and hardworking

Both the Virgo woman and man have a spoiled and graceful attitude that makes them desirable. Although Virgo, whose symbol is virgin, do not readily marry, be afraid of the loyalty of their marriage, but also they become extremely compassionate wives when they are married. Not only they become good wifes, but also they build a good family. However, the way the Virgo love and make love is not very passionate. Even if they are technically perfect, they prefer to stay away from the nature of passion. For this reason, it will not be easy for them to deal with deep emotional, profound, intense partners.

Perfect and perfectionist

They are intellectual, researcher, methodologist, rational, hardworking and instructive. They solve even the most complex problems by combining their mental abilities with analysis capacities which make it very clear. They have sharp, detail catching eyes. For this reason, they sometimes forget to see the whole thing because they are too attached to details. Although Virgo are realistic, they are not so fast to have a definite, certain conclusions. Their hands are extremely practical. The skill in their hands makes them good technicians. They could be geniuses in mechanics. Excellence, workerism and sense of compassion are their main features. They are such perfectionists that even the smallest thing goes wrong, it breaks all of their enthusiasm. Because of their capacity to see all aspects of a problem, they can not succeed in abstract theories, matters. They respect different views, but they find it difficult to understand philosophical concepts. They baffle, because they do not trust the results they reach. When all these qualities are taken into consideration, Virgo becomes the second best man, rather than a good leader. Responsibility challenges them, and they often lack the breadth of strategic vision that must be in a leader. For this reason, Virgo is a good strategist and a successful participant. Because they reflect on their insecurities to the people, they become the people who don't like their superiors and find constant flaws in their superiors.

Language wizard

Their art, science, and especially language skills are great. Their use of language in clear, precise, formal, conscious manner is amazing. They are more successful in grammar and etymology than literary abstracts. They love quotes, because they have strong memories. In addition, they are highly skilled in technical drawing, research and the like. Practical problems have a stimulating effect on their minds. They are very careful about money, their interest in statistics makes them very successful in matters such as librarianship, accountancy. They may also be good editors, physicists and pharmacists. It is also possible them to be successful in social assistance, charity. They can be successful as doctors, teachers, psychologists, secretaries, technicians, researchers, musicians and writers. Both male and female Virgos have a deep interest. If they do business on their own, analytical thinking skills and cunning abilities can lead to deviations from the right direction. However, the Virgo are generally honest men who resist deceit. Virgo women can be successful in the fashion industry. Virgo women who are innately talented in clothing can be trendsetter. Whichever profession they choose, the Virgos are assimilating new ideas, but they never let go of precaution, they do not throw away what they think is valuable in the past. They love rural life, but they can not be said to be good farmers. They can only do farming if they can make them suitable for hygiene and cleanliness.

The devil is in the details

Just as every sign in the zodiac has flaws, Virgo also has imperfections. The major flaw of Virgo is that they go quite extreme in righteousness. Extreme meticulousness, discouragement, humility that turns into an old-fashioned chastity, strong will, indecent and unjustified criticism, constant search for defects, and over-hanging to details. In fact, while the Virgo is shoveling details, they remain unstable in larger, important matters. Because of these features, they transform minor problems into mountains of crises. These tendencies harm them. Foresight can be transformed into deception, and extreme rigor can be transformed into hypochondria.