Dates - 23 November - 21 December
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Element - Fire
Property - Mutable
Precious Stone - Topaz
Celebrities - Ludwig van Beethoven, Walt Disney, Mark Twain, Kirk Douglas, Frank Sinatra, Jane Fonda, Winston Churchill, Gustave Flaubert, Edith Piaf
Sagittarius rushes over philosophy and the spiritual world. The people of the mutable group are interested in the common and different characteristics of different cultures. The fire feature gives Sagittarius the desire for adventure and discovery. While Gemini deals with the details of everyday life, Sagittarius examines the moral and spiritual values underlying the daily events (past and present). Like all mutable signs, Sagittarius is very curious. Since it is from the activist group of fire that launches the events, it is also the person who has been most investigating, exploring, thinking about the assumptions, initiating discussions. They enjoy having open-door panels, press conferences. It is difficult to keep pace with this fire sign but it is worth it.
The ninth sign of the zodiac is Sagittarius, governed by Jupiter, the planet of abundance, linked to the themes of philosophy, journeys, idealism. They are of fire group and of variable character. The ninth house's theme and Jupiter's desire for enlargement characterize the idealistic Saagittarius character. Sagittarii are generally enthusiastic, optimistic, explorers, travelers and philosophers.
The traditional luck of the Sagittarii comes both from the planet of abundance Jupiter and from the optimistic view this planet gives them.
Optimist worldview

Sagittarii looks at a positive point of view to life. They are entrepreneurs, energetic and adventurous. They want to know, to experience and to change things beyond what they know. Exploration is one of their most dominant instinct. They love to explore and travel. The greatest reason for this lies in the desirability of opening up their minds of different dimenisons. They are passionate and optimistic. They try to maintain their optimism even when their hopes are down. There is a strong idealism in their nature. Even if they experience frustrations, this idealism in their nature will not disappear easily. They are honest, reliable, generous and sincere. For them, the concept of justice is of great importance. They support those who are in unjust status, who are oppressed, they fight to ensure justice, and for this reason they can be rebels. Sagittarius are generally humble and devout. They have high sensitive morality. They place too much emphasis on the ethical codes they are affiliated with, and sometimes they become more committed to God's faith than actual God. This actually means that solid, loveless, intolerant rituals and traditions attach more importance to the facts they symbolize. Sometimes they continue their support to religious institutions and political parties even if they do not believe because it seems everything is right at least formally. However, if they believe that they will provide an advantage for themselves, they change their commitment to politics and the system.

Brilliant speaker

Sagittarius has far-sighted, righteous judgment, vast and wide minds. They're brilliant speakers. Because they are good researchers, they like to create new projects. Because Sagittarius nature makes it necessary to discover new concepts. They are fast, intuitive and original thinkers. Their minds are of rather adapting than discovering type. For this reason they have great success when they have qualities that are not in them, so they work with people who have completed them. Their willpower is strong. They are talented in the organization and they reach the end by taking the new project to the end. They are very generous. However, they may balance their excess generosity from what they know to use their resources with care.

Family, discovery dilemma

Sagittarius is passionate, sincere and direct. In contrast, they are traditional and keep their sexuality under control. If they allow their failures to darken their lives, they will revenge themselves by establishing random relationships with the opposite sex. They become a Don Juan, a heartwarming seducer. In this sense, Sagittarii can go into more unpleasant associations than ordinary people. If their marriage is successful, they will become a tolerant family member loyal to their spouses. However, their uneasiness will not stop chasing them, their desire to fall on the roads will not end. Because they often need to feel free. They will often think that their spouses and their families have taken care of their careers at the expense of their own, and they will have tides. Sagittarius women are just like Sagittarius men. Even if Sagittarius women do not have a career to compete with their love and their nest, it is difficult for them to show their love, their love, so they can be perceived as frigid from time to time. However, they are very cheerful inside. Sagittarius is trusted in personal relationships, and rarely compromises the confidence shown to them. However, they instinctively feel anger. Both men and women Sagittarius know how to speak downright, and are aware of which words are most likely to hurt their opponents. On the other hand they are forgiving.

Successful racers

Sagittarii succeed in many professions. Natural teachers and philosophers with the ability to interpret laws and principles that explain the universe. These abilities can make them a successful clergyman and a scientist. Law and politics are also suitable for them, such as social affairs, public relations and advertising, writing, publishing. Travel and research trips rest their uneasy souls. They are also highly motivated musicians and successful musicians come out of the Sagittarius. Before the invention of the car, the Sagittarius are said to be good riders, in this sense they are closely related to sportive activities and they enjoy all kinds of sports. They are also interested in automobiles and aircraft. They like races, rallies. Good athletes, coaches come out of this sign too. Their contestant soul can also direct them at the same time in the gambling.

Furious and fanatic

As with every sign, Sagittarii have bad sides. They tend to be angry and even the smallest spark can flare their fury. They are impatient. They want to implement a new project immediately, demanding the speed they show their colleagues. If this is not the case, they will have anger attacks. They despise their friends and want their own efforts recognized. They sacrifice their health and family relationships to complete a project, even if they are worthy of recognition, in fact. They may be bullying, oppressive and thoughtless in the workplace. In their private life they are boastful, rude and extravagant. If disturbances run too far, danger signals will ring. Some Sagittarii become playboys and spend their lives with empty chases. Others develop moral, religious fanaticism. This fanatism can turn into hypocrisy over time. They show themselves as virtuous, but they reflect it out as enthusiasm.