We must say that you are full of originality, artistic and intellectual properties. You are attracting immediate attention because of different personal traits. Besides, your intentions are not even very clear and this bedazzle people. You are someone who is looking for innovations and wants to do something useful for people. You're so confident in your mind that the end of it reaches to egocentric behavior. You have the attitude as if you don't like other people's ideas. We'll briefly say that, you're not emotional person, but someone who acts with logic! Friendship is important to you. You manage to work with others. However, you like smart and skillful ones among the people more. It is understood that you are in pursuit of your own freedom, even if you do not reveal your devotion to it. The monotonous and stagnant things finally start to squeeze you. What you trust most is your own mind. You want to live without need someone else. But you know that you will be friends with someone whose mind and wisdom are suitable with yours. As a result, you are able to use people according to their abilities. Your ability to manage to gather the people you want and get away from the people you don't want explains that you have a rigorous attitude in terms of friendship. You are someone who develops what you learn with your experiences and presents it to the society. The world of electronics and science attracts you. Thanks to your learning curiosity, you will succeed in almost everything. The factor that reinforces your wishes and desires is your belief. You can even put your life in this cause. But if you cannot get enough support from the environment, you can turn your back on the whole world. One of your strengths is your ability to be humanistic. You manage to protect people. Although you're a humanist, you're a little jealous. In particular, you are likely to have a sincere resentment against those who manage to pass you in a race. You choose to live the way you want, not because others want you live in that way. With the help of your mind, keeping your emotions under control is the main axis of this choice. You have a personality that loves money. However, you think that money has more important functions than accumulation. Evaluating and using money is also among your innumerable skills. You are a person who easily changes his life, home and interests. You're connected to the person you love. You may love the person you already care about. In love, as in all other areas, you have the ability to manage to use your mind. You choose the person who will be useful to you and you will not be a prisoner of your feelings. This means that you are not someone who runs for beauty and love. The person you love should have both friendly heart and mind. You are the one who cares about family ties and who are particularly keen on the mother. Ascending Aquarius will give you a medium size. You must have a strong body. Your face may be long, your eyes may be dark gray or green. This settlement gives women beauty and charm. The facial features are smooth and shaped. Your body attracts attention with its plump and shaped form. Your hair may have a hue of red color.