Among your most prominent features are sensuality, compassion, precision and loyalty. You are a human being who is ready to shed tears. You will be extremely rootstock and guarded. You are very much interested in people you care. Sometimes this interest can come up to dimensions that will tear up the other side. For you, love, family, father and mother are very important. On the other hand, you also want to be in financial security. It is very difficult for you to get away from your home, your family and your country. The thing that is the most visible is the lack of trust in you. You can act with great enthusiasm in areas where you are sure to collect and win your bravery. In fact, you are a hardworking and sociable person. But you can be careless as you are a bit fussy. In a cheerful and vibrant situation you can suddenly be surly and upset without a reason. In the meantime, you may have something in mind, or you may take too serious someone's unimportant words. A person, idea or subject may attract you and you never want to leave the thing you hold. You are connected to the rules and old times. You are a complete collector. Spooler, collector and holder. It would be uncommon for you to have a shortage of money because you are fertile. You seem to be a self-confident person to other people. But, in fact, you are a shy and introverted person. In case of an error, you can get the blame immediately on your own. It's not for people to like it, but you'd think they looked at you like they had a flaw. Many times you admit that other people are unfair to you. It is your biggest complaint not to be helped. In addition, a sullen face is your mask. Troubles and problems of your relatives and your loved people deeply affects you. You may be exploited in these matters for your excessively merciful nature. Your intuition is extremely powerful. You know what others expect from you. You will not hesitate to dream and dive into the adventure. You will accept your dreams as if they were real. Romance in relationship is important for you. It is very important that you have someone near you because you are afraid of being alone. You can adapt quickly and easily to your current situation. Ascending Cancer gives you a medium or short size. Your face is rounded and pale. Your hair is thin. It can be light coffee or silver coffee color. Your nose is a light beak and a little pointed. Your neck will begin to grow early on. Your hands and feet are also small. As your age progresses, the lubrication of the belly will show up. Your most obvious feature is your walk. It gets attention right away.