You are self-confident. You think other people like you too. You may even be ambitious in this regard! If people are gazing at you, you might think they think "How beautiful she is". In fact, you always want to be the center of attention. Being liked, interested and appreciated is your spiritual need. In the opposite case, you are jubilant and jolly. You either need to get away from it or find ways to attract attention. Your strong artistic ability will always help you. You are able to be convincing. You can disguise your intentions. The purpose of this is not to let your kingdom go to anyone. It is very important for you to stay at the top and reach the goals you want. You have creative aspects, artistic spaces and capacity. You can be extremely successful in a branch you are interested in. More than imitating others, a peculiar understanding is visible. Things with flashy, glorious, vibrant colors attract you. In planning business, no one else can use other people and make them work for her like you. You can make it easier by showing up soft and loving. Nobody has the power to say no to a Ascending Lion who has no hardships. You will not leave the work you plan to do, and you will take it to the end. You may also be able to work on harsh conditions, be offensive and be upset. Sometimes you can disrupt the environment with this fierceness, but at the end you convince people. Yet it can be difficult for other people to comply with this crazy pace. At the same time you are considered to be a honest, open-minded and self-confident person. Trusting yourself ensures that other people trust you too. You do not let people down the road, and that's why you win. You have a character who does not forget the good things that have been done to you. Generally, because you are proud and arrogant, you do not like when other people do not like what you do. You do not tolerate to be criticized and underestimated. Your anger is terrible, but they can calm you down by being mild. Life energy and your happiness to live is high. You want to live life fully. You are aligned to entertainment, have tendency to gamble and luck games. You can not escape speculation. The most generous people of the zodiac are Ascending Lions. It is not known if it is a flaw, but it is a bit difficult for you to have only one lover! Also, you love nature, beautiful things, comfort and luxury very much. The Ascending Leo gives you a mediocre size, a wide chest, a clean appearance. In youth there you have a moving body like a bow. Over the years, you start to act heavier. Your hair is light and clear. Eyes can be blue or pale gray. Your face is rounded, the hands and feet are smaller than the body.