You are a person who looks forward to optimistic glasses, noble creation, friend of all, friendly, warm-hearted and sincere. You like to look like you are and you believe people quickly. You are avoiding hurting them. To be unfair is the last job in the world for you. You want people be like you. You are mobile, cheerful and caring. You are quickly adapted to your current environment. You can make fun of things you do not like, like you do with jokes. Generally speaking, your words do not hurt, but there are pun that touch people. You want to take your revenge with words. Your double character and mutable nature can make you to be two kind. The first one is emotional and introverted. He's shy and sensitive. The second one is brave, hot, imprudent, prideful, and one who does not spare his word. One of these may emerge occasionally. Freedom is also very important for Rising Sagittarius, and even this restriction can make him mad. As a rising Sagittarius you will enjoy your journey, traveling and sightseeing. In fact, you do not have to run after the adventure because adventure comes to you. At the end of each journey you will find something worth telling. Traveling with Sagittarius is really enjoyable. Life will give you many things. Such events will come to pass that you will have profound experiences from them. This will show you that life is not just fun. You will take lessons from your experiences and try not to make the same mistakes. One day you will eventually mature. Still, you will always feel like an arrow ready to burst at any time of your life. You can not relax in a house with closed windows. Every direction of nature will attract you. You will step away from being constrained financially and spiritually, deprived of your independence from your hand, and being held accountable. For this reason, it is not for you to be blindfolded personally or to a certain place. Along with this, it will be pleasing to you to be with people you like and to share their beauties. You want to be interested and loved. The person you love should share everything with you. If you can not find her, leaving the environment will be more attractive. You are a passionate lover and full of love. You are both a lover and a good friend. You make every sacrifice for your love and you do not want to lose her. It is possible for you to have two relationships together. Hidden love adventures will hurt you a lot. If you can not find what you are looking for in love, you can fly from flower to flower. You are indecisive, hasty, variable and curious. You show it in love too. When you love, you'll be generous. You will attract a lot of religious, philosophical, astrological and supernatural topics. You will be not only a good student but also a good teacher. Your sixth sense is also very strong and you can grasp the events beforehand. You want to be recognized in life and your life will always have expanding and growing efforts gradually. Sagittarius will give you a long body. Your body is thin and shaped. Your forehead is open and your nose is shaped. You have dark complexion. Your hair is in the color of coffee or chestnut. Men's hair starts to open from sides at a young age. Your hands and feet are shaped. The front two teeth called the luck teeth of the Sagittarius are bigger and prominent. You must be a smiling faced and sympathetic person.