You are a mysterious, romantic person and your imagination is very rich. Other people will have difficulty understanding you. You have two seemingly different halves. One is jealousy and anxiety related to love, the other is a common sense effort that gives the logic war. You are an interesting person who succeeds in being two totally different person. If you use your creative power you can win a lot. Because you can be successful at every business. Your feelings of pity, compassion, compassion and help are well developed. In fact, the sense of helping those in need is the most advanced. If you have signs of problems on your natal chart that are pessimistic, you are committed to being pessimistic, escaping from the truth and being addicted to pleasurable substances. You can make life hard to yourself because of unwarranted fears. Even in simple matters, you can be sad as the world has come to an end. However, you have the power of the imagination which is reachable to very few people. Your intuition is extremely strong. You can sense events and detect developments. You have so many desires and ideals, but you can succeed by closing the doors of the imagination. The imagination has a great role in success, but it's like a drug for you. Your feelings generally outweigh everything. Therefore, it is possible to experience disappointment in both love and business life. You are quickly crying and quickly laughing person. It is your nature to feel sorry and easy rejoice. Inspiration fairies help you at every step. If you use the world of imagination in art you'll be quite successful. You'll want to work not just to make money but to enjoy it too. There must be a spiritual satisfaction in your work. You have an understanding of other people's wishes and expectations. Imagination, creativity and intuition are the business areas that need to be given to you. You have a magic and weird charm. Even if you're not pretty or handsome, you'll be able to look nice to people. Your eyes are the opening points of your sensitive inner world. They explain what you can't tell by words. Love lies on the basis of your purpose of life. You're gonna need someone to take it and get it. Discussion, debate and fight are quite distant issues for you. Incompetent people seems repulsive to you. Still, the deepest feeling of self pity gives you the greatest damage. You are interested in mystical, philosophical and supernatural subjects. You seem to be ready to enter the spiritual world immediately. You want to live in an abstract world that makes sense by imagining. To tell the truth, you are looking at the real world after a tulle curtain and you want everything to be meaningful. Life seems to be beautiful even when the simplest event is meaningful. The ascending Pisces is around mid-size. The body and the legs are short. Skin color is pale or close to white. Eyes always look sleepy. Eyes, which are usually beautiful, are in a deep daydream. As age progresses, there is a disadvantage in weight gain and being fat. While ascending Pisces gives charm to women, it cannot be said for men.