You are stubborn, unsightly, durable, and ultimately the one who gets what you want. Sometimes the colors for you are either white or black! You are jealous, even vindictive. Your goal is to deepen in everything and eventually reach the top. But you can not accept whatever happens! You can see very different and hidden points that others can not see. You can associate them with each other and achieve other dimensions. Analyzing, researching brings you to different spots. You'll never be satisfied with things you get. Whatever area or subject you pick you will eventually catch the success. The desire for success is a complete hurricane which grows inside of you. However, this hurricane may change and harm you too! You will not let anyone pass you. Staying at the top is very important to you. You are a difficultperson to live together. It is very difficult for you to be satisfied. You will always find something to unease. Sometimes this will be logical, sometimes it will be irrational. You are extremely jealous and revengeful. You will never forget the evil done to you. You can forgive this only after you get your revenge! Something that you do wrong in the long term may eventually hurt you, since in general the feeling of revenge is prevalent among others. If you can not find the hole to escape, you can get the damage as if you are inserting yourself with your own needle. People must admit you as a very good friend but also demanding enemy too. You will think more about the needs of people you love. You can be a very committed and loyal friend. But when you are angry you can also be a cruel enemy. Confidentiality, seclusion and determination are important special aspects of Scorpio. You keep yourself, but you wonder about everything else. You will be someone who does not talk much, who listens more often and expresses cold mimics on his face. You are someone who does not fall under anyone's yoke. Tradition says that Scorpio is the most sexual sign of zodiac. Your sexual desire will also be visible too. You are extremely attractive, mysterious and erotic. But if you look at the dimensions of jealousy, you will chain your lover up. You easily blame him for things that never happened. It is your job to plan secret jobs, to dig and investigate mysterious things, to deal with mystical issues and to take advantage of the power of intuition. Your ability to speak less will make you successful in planning your secret affairs. It is very difficult to get along with you. You are very strong and you manage other people. The ropes are always in your hands and you will not give them. Scorpio Rising, who has no power to do so clearly, will look to fulfill his job secretly. Your body may be medium or slightly longer. It is thick and bony. It is a strong and shaped. You have sweet and effective eyes. Your eyebrows attract attention. Especially your gaze is profound and impressive. Your face is usually long and big. The arms and legs are also very strong and muscular. Your ears are usually sticky, tough, medium-length and thick.