They think how regular and orderly you are. Virgo means cleanliness, compliance with the order and harmony. Sometimes you may be a patient who does not recover from this. The small details that many people do not even notice or do not realize are important to you. Sometimes you can get lost in thin and meaningless details. When a little information is requested, you are ready to give details of the pages. You can avoid the main issues that are necessary to you by struggling with details. Your goal in life is to capture perfection. You are a lifelong investigator, a researcher, and a energetic and tireless employee. You love to serve. As if the quote "life may end but works are endless" suitable for you! You will be successful in planning and implementing every business you will do in detail. However, spreading a short-term job for a long time can make other people angry.You insist on using your own methods to reach the goal silently and deeply. You are cheerful, witty and talkative. Reluctance worthy of showing you polite also fits. You can create a crushing situation during criticisms and when you make efforts to make environment funny. You have a very critical side, but you can not tolerate if someone criticizes you. It may come to your business to break the blame on someone else when your head is stuck. But you are able to hide your feelings. It is not surprising that you are someone who is very superstitious and fearful. First of all, your Munchausen syndrome is visible. For this reason, you are very meticulous. When you shake hands with someone, you want to wash your hands immediately. Sometimes this can last as long as you are disturbed by even the smallest dust particles. You need to go to a doctor if accidentally needle stinged your finger. You need drugs and cleaning supplies in your environment.You are frugal, careful and attentive person. You are good with the calculations and nobody can fool you easily. Providing economic security is very important for you. As a sensible person, you will not go after what you can not get. You will run for the help of your friends. You are also very fastidious about clothing. You are a human being who manages to make clothes fit you. Cleanliness is your life goal and your environment is always shining. You can not decide quickly about marriage. You can even stay single. Because finding the perfect mate you are looking for is rather difficult. You will be a perfect partner when you get married. Ascending Virgo generally gives shortness to a person. Generally thin, face and forehead are round and eyes are dark, faded, and hair is suitable for eye color. In fact, your body is not very uniform, but thanks to its elegance it can look elegant, even attractive. A smooth nose and teeth like pearl strikes everyone. It attracts attention with your gummy face and mobile look.