You are a deep and thought-provoking, less talkative, curious, but controlled and heavy-minded person. It will take a long time for you to adapt to changes and new things. It seems you are forced to make a decision, but the reason for this is that you are afraid of being unsuccessful beause of lack of skill. You will have to make a thorough calculation and weigh everything with positive and negative outcomes. Once you make a decision, you will take the subject you take to the end of the road. Other people will rely on you when you join your commitment to this decisive behavior. If there is a problem, you can declare it without cheating, lying, and fuss. In general, you seem to be stagnant, thoughtful, but pessimistic. The reason for this cold look is that you look through dark colored glasses. You are extremely patient, strong, stubborn and cool. Whatever you face, you will not panic. This gives you the feeling of someone who knows what he wants from life. However, someone who has been with you for a very long time will eventually find you boring. To eliminate this you need your natal chart to carry different energies and effects which will help you. Working for you always comes first. It is your great desire to rise, manage, and deal with it. Some of you are the cornerstones of the business world. It is your job to give orders and receive them. To illustrate, Ant symbolize you in the story of Ant and August Beetle. You respect the laws, rules and principles. All jobs based on discipline are for you. Being rich, fame, and achieving success are your life goals. Since you do not have the flexibility, something should be done in traditional way. You will not engage to every field for success. You choose the job that suits you. You will spend all of your time on this subject. You love to read and learn but not for teaching purposes. You store the information for yourself. One of the worst things for you is wasting your time. You are curious, but you do not show it. You are extremely controlled and skeptical. Since your mouth is tight, no one understands the storms inside you. You will never forget the bad things and good things done to you. You'll wait for a lifetime to get revenge. Your anger is so horrifying when you get angry that it can burn everything into ashes. But because you are a controlled person, you have to control it too. Money and material values are important to you. You are afraid to lose the material values that you earn and strive. Your interests are always in the forefront. The Rising Capricorn will give you a short or medium size structure. Your face is quite long and thin. Your chin is too long and your nose is straight. Your neck is long and weak. Your eyes are dark brown and your hair is usually black. In men, beard and moustache are sparse. As your knees are out of place, there is no harmony in your walk. Your skin is dark in general. Cheeckbones can be shown in your cheecks.