Gray Bear


Mineral - Amethyst

Color - Purple

Talkative. At the same time able to remain silent for a long time. A menacing enemy. Definitely interested in the real world and luxury. They could do everything that comes to their mind no matter it is easy or difficult. A very strong sense of responsibility. Nervous but kind mother or father. Clean, meticulous. Disciplined and orderly. Compatible but shy. Couldn't tolerate trickery. Can solve problems easily. Considers every poor thing little, needs for a support on the mental development. They are keen to eat, at the same time loves having a diet too. Inclined in medicine, governing, and defense issues. An honest and effective character. The totem of the people who were born in this period is the brown bear in the animal world, the violet in the plant world, and the totem in the mineral world is amethyst. Its lucky color is purple. Amethyst is seen as a symbol of human reason, justice, and courage. It is said that the bearer will be protected from all kinds of evil spells, lightning, avalanches, and poisoning. Amethyst has also been used to connect the physical and spiritual worlds. This gemstone is well suited to the Brown Bear man, who usually has a sound mind, a sense of justice, and an act of great life courage. People of this zodiac sign are very intelligent. He makes informed and intelligent decisions in his daily life. The accuracy of these decisions is confirmed by everyone. This person, who is a valuable friend and colleague with his ability to think and act correctly and systematically, is very comfortable when he is in the environment he loves. Brown bear can protect himself and his friends from such extremes as alcoholism and pessimism, just like the stone of amethyst. Because he thought logically and rationally, he realized that pessimism is a view that people create and that they can control if they want. If the inner harmony of the person of this sign is in place, it helps others, like his stone, find their spiritual balance and harmonize their inner and outer powers. Generally speaking, he can make other people understand the importance of harmony in personal life. He can be a teacher or administrator because he is a cold-blooded, realistic person and can express his thoughts precisely and properly. The color of this sign is purple. This color is the color of faith, spiritual pain, and enlightenment, which can lead people to grasp the vital and creative forces of the universe. It symbolizes both an experimental idealism and the spiritual realm. In its lighter tones, it shows the love of people and the necessity of some ceremonial approaches for people to grasp the spirit of things. The brown bear's herb totem is the violet, a graceful forest flower that has been likened to the delicate trembling of the human heart. Violet can infiltrate the deepest points in the human body that the capillaries and lymphatic pathways can reach, and dissolve and remove the toxic substances there. The brown bear person radiates a cool air like a violet, this is an image that only serves to hide his inner world, which is sensitive like a violet. This person has very intense emotions, but he shows them by helping his loved one better improve his life, rather than words. Like Violet, Brown Bear has a solvent, exfoliant, and antiseptic effect. It carries strict work discipline and duty responsibility. He expects everyone to behave like him. No matter where they are, it cleans up people who do not accept discipline and rules and throws them out of the system. The brown bear, like the violet, can infiltrate the hidden depths of people's thought worlds. It is impossible to hide almost anything from the Brown Bear. If he immediately recognizes the lie and realizes that he has been cheated on frequently, he will lose his respect completely. In such situations, he may develop an unexpectedly angry behavior. The totem of this sign in the animal kingdom is the brown bear. Bears usually live as families in caves, nooks of fallen trees, and hollows behind waterfalls. Brown bears are reserved and reserved. But they are also curious. They lead a comfortable, spacious and enjoyable life. From time to time they carry their nests. Brown bear people, like bears, are not attached to a single place as a home, they can live comfortably wherever they find. They can remain silent for a long time without any discomfort. If something is interesting or exciting to him, he will say it with surprising talkativeness. Brown Bear people get along very well with Wild Goose and Beaver individuals, as well as Woodpeckers, Snakes, and Cougars. In his union with Puma, he can experience a real and perfect integration.