Mineral - Chrysocolis

Color - Blue

Balanced, serious. Do not like to change, scheduled. Trying to make both beautiful and useful job when job completed. Chooses to seek sustainable peace and peaceful environments. Gives importance to tradition and roots. Hand skills are high. Adaptive to the physical environment of any kind. Making their environment for his comfort and peace of mind. Quiet and calm. When loses his trust chooses to be behind the scenes and listen. Destructive rage. Eternal love for the water. Works smoothly, and manages to make it fit. Who loves guarantee in a financial field. Serious, who are committed to the marriage and the wife. The totem of the people born in this period is the beaver in the animal world, the blue kamas flower in the plant world, and the chrysocolla in the metal world. Their lucky color is blue. Chrysocolla is a turquoise-like, blue-green, but more transparent stone. It is said to purify the body, heart, and soul of the person who is wearing it. It is believed to unite the forces of earth and sky. Beaver people can learn from mineral totems to combine earthly and celestial forces. They depend a lot, or even a little too much, on the soil. If they ignore the information in the sky by simply turning to earth, they can lose their selves. Like Stone, Beaver seems like a very lucky person. But actually, this luck is a chance born out of hard work and intuition of being in the right place at the right time. If an important and major event does not occur that will change his character, the beaver has a hard time changing his personality and life. He is a well-balanced person and feels comfortable and good as long as he can maintain his natural balance. It is hard to come across Kunduz, who voluntarily undertakes a difficult job. If he takes on such a responsibility, or makes a radical change in his life, he does so in a very systematic way. Its change-resistant nature enables it to establish very solid and reliable friendships. Just like the chrysocolla, it adds a pure breath to the people and objects it comes close to. The beaver's totem in the plant world is the blue kamas flower, found only in North America. This flower was used as the staple food of many Native American tribes. It is both a very beautiful flower and a very well-balanced source of nutrients. The beaver individual, like a plant totem, tries to make his work both beautiful and useful. People of this sign, like their totems, balance people and objects with which they are close. Because their roots run so deep, they build a solid foundation for people and projects. Like the tubers of the blue wedge, they give life force and flavor to everyone, as long as they keep the balance of their energy currents. The color of the beaver is the sparkling blue of the wedge or the deep blue of the chrysocolla. For people of this zodiac sign, blue symbolizes a sincere longing for peace, physical and spiritual contentment resulting from happiness, and peace. The man of this sign, whose totem is the beaver in the animal kingdom, has the power to dramatically alter nature for the comfort, peace, and security of other people, just like the beaver. The embankments and dams that beavers build with trees, which they have masterfully compressed with mud and leaves, not only protect the waters, but also open new habitats for fish and plants. They are generally quiet animals. During danger, they notify each other by hitting their wide tails against the water. When beavers mate, this union lasts a lifetime and they live in families of five. Being a good parent, this animal takes care of its young for two years. Beaver people, just like animal totems, strongly organize their environment for their comfort, peace, and security. These changes can sometimes be emotional, sometimes spiritual, and sometimes physical. Like beavers, they make these changes slowly, carefully, continuously, and creatively. Kunduz people, who are in an environment where they do not trust, prefer to remain silent at first. However, after getting used to the environment, he does not hesitate to express his views. Beaver people are perfectly integrated with Snake individuals. Beaver can form friendships with Wild Goose and Brown Bear people very quickly. They also get along very well with Puma and Woodpecker.