Mineral - Jasper

Color - Brown

Helpful. Who like to be connected with nature. Capable of sudden, unexpected maneuvers. If the inner balance is not altered, can work for a long time. Who is very convenient in the mental area. Able to enjoy life. Being happy for small things. Can see the good and the bad side of everything easily. Who want to watch and learn all kinds of thoughts and ideas. The ultra-conservative, even devastating to loved ones. Fond of animals. Who aspired to the house, tasteful, interested in decoration. They are people who love beautiful things, and use all the opportunities of living life! The totem of the people who were born in the middle of autumn is the crow in the animal world, the mullein flower in the plant world, and the jasper in the metal world. Its lucky color is brown. Known as bloodstone, jasper was also used as a lucky charm. In ancient times, it was believed that this stone reflects the heat of the Sun. Believed to have many mysterious properties, jasper has also been considered a source of invisibility and long, secure life. It is widely believed that jasper brings abundance to its owner and that these stones contain raw earth energy, as well as attract this energy. The crow man, like a jasper, can have different mystical qualities if his inner balance is in order. A balanced Crow person is a caring person who is sought after and loved like jasper. It also has the power to absorb solar energy and reflect it to its surroundings. People of this sign carry psychic powers like bloodstone, whether they benefit or not. Sometimes, he can achieve this power before he reaches his inner balance. In such a situation, the Crow realizes that he has the power to influence the lives of others and may abuse this for his purposes. Having attained inner balance, the Crow is inclined to use the powers only for the collective benefit. Brown, which is the color of luck, symbolizes the autumn soil that gives strength to all beings during the development period that lasts throughout the summer and is now preparing for the upcoming period of rest and purification. This color helps people to unite the forces of the earth and the abstract world in their selves. It is the color of rooting and being prepared to move beyond and reach higher heights while acting resolutely in this world. Mullein flower, which is the plant totem of this sign, is a versatile and medicinal plant. It has great benefits in lung and heart diseases. By looking at the plant totem, the Crow man can learn his versatile and useful abilities, the ability to always be mobile and change himself. The crow is similar to the appearance of this plant, sometimes it can be hard, prickly like wool, and sometimes soft like velvet. If he is on his hot day, it is very difficult to get along with him, he can cause great pain to both himself and others, and it takes great care to heal emotional wounds. Crow man, like his plant, is the cure for various problems of the people around him. He cares for and cares for his patients so closely that the patient finds the support he needs to stand up. His candid, convincing words make one feel that all the problems on earth have been wiped out. The totem of this sign in the animal world is the crow. Crows, which can sometimes be very aggressive, are usually cautious and reserved. Being a conscious and intelligent bird, the crow eats an oyster or walnut by throwing it out of the air and breaking it. For the Indians, the crow is a symbol of the balance between man and nature. Like the crows, the people of this sign can glide through the air and absorb the positive energies of the soil by landing in the appropriate place. This person is very comfortable both in world problems and in spiritual areas. Courageously, his ability to fly high for a long time depends on the state of his inner balance. This balance is more important to the Crow than any other zodiac sign. Because, just like the crow, it can change direction by making very sudden and unexpected maneuvers in the air. If it is unstable and unstable, is flapping of wings can cause great confusion around it. The crow is also a symbol of contradiction. It is typical of Crow's characteristics to see the good and the bad side of everything at the same time but to have the difficulty of choosing. Crow people get along very well with Otter and Deer people. Sturgeon and Owl members are also among those they can easily relate to. She lives a perfect integration with Hawk.