Mineral - Red Agate

Color - Pink

With mysterious abilities. Who prefers a balanced environment and a balanced situation. Easily grasps the true state of affairs. In a brief need of having wife/husband whom they love. Regular, establishing a good relationship. Very passionate, giving very much importance to being loved. Helpful. With religious and mystical tendencies. Being in contact with anyone up to distant relatives. Compliant. Giving emphasis on a sense of trust. Briefly feared easily. With a strong sense of nationalism. Who became unhappy with the absence of a material guarantee. Looking for a purpose in life all the time, mentally strong and reliable friend! The totem of the people who were born in this period in the animal world is the woodpecker, the totem in the plant world is the wild rose, and the totem in the mineral world is red agate. Its lucky color is pink. Red agate, which has been used as an ornamental stone for ages, was thought to be associated with blood due to its color and was believed to stop bleeding. An agate stone tied with a thin thong was hung over the bleeding place and prayed to stop the blood and heal the wound. Due to its color and these features, it is believed to have a connection with the human heart. Woodpeckers, like stone, want to decorate and furnish their surroundings and especially their home. Having a comfortable and well-kept home is very important for the people of this sign. Woodpeckers, who are domestic, are easily affected by new thoughts and feelings, but once the change has taken place, they cling to this new situation they have decided unshakably. Before the Woodpecker innovates in his life, he thinks, weighs, and designs. It is very good to have a Woodpecker by your side in difficult situations because with his intuitive power, he immediately finds the root cause of the difficulty and carefully helps him to regroup. This person acts according to the voice of his heart. If he falls in love and loves, as long as he does not get a negative reaction, he tries to have a solid and lasting relationship. As a parent, they are the most loving and kind-hearted parents in the world. The woodpecker's plant totem is a wild rose. The fruit of the rosehip is the rosehip, which is rich in vitamins and is good for many diseases. It provides physical and mental relief. Woodpecker man can also learn what possibilities he has from the plant totem, as long as his life energy flows properly. Like roses, she can be a beautiful person and can impress other people. The Woodpecker has a wild side. It is very attractive when in its natural environment. In her youth, she radiates happiness with her wild beauty, and when her leaves begin to wither, beauty is replaced by the wisdom of maturity. Woodpecker is a loved and sought-after person in society, with its appearance reflecting its spiritual and emotional richness, like a rosehip. Woodpecker's color is pink. It can be an immature pink or pink of universal love, the type of color also depends on the development level of that person. Woodpeckers, who have determined their purpose and direction in life, can use their feelings and sensitivities to benefit all people. The animal totem of this sign is the woodpecker. This bird with a powerful flight knows how to steer towards its target. It makes its nest by carving a pumpkin-shaped hollow in tree trunks. For the Indians, the woodpecker is a symbol of courage. People of this sign can easily see their hidden talents when they are in a balanced environment and situation. He also can create the plane of reality and perceive what is underneath with another eye. Thanks to this ability, he easily grasps the inside of the events and chooses the right one. Many Woodpecker people do not realize what kind of power protects them, how they make the right decisions, and they cannot explain it to their surroundings. Interpersonal relations occupy a very large and important place in the lives of individuals of this sign. He spends most of his energy building and maintaining regular, good relationships with other people. Usually, he finds a group he fits in with or joins a community he likes and finds right. Alongside the Puma and Snake people of the Woodpecker people, the Brown Bear and Beaver individuals take the lead among the people with whom they have the best communication and relationship. With wild goose individuals, it is perfectly integrated.