Wild Goose

The Volunteer Leader!

Mineral - Quartz

Color - White

Skilled and very intelligent. Have the ability to understand things quickly. Can be a good mother and a father. Out a very cautious approach. Psychology is sensitive. Has avenging nature. Revengeful. Can perform a lot of work at once. Normally quiet. A person who is difficult to approach. Never approach him/her when he/she is sad. In such situations, became introverted. Resistant. The totem of the people who came to the world in the month of the beginning of the new year, when the ground is under snow and preparing for spring and renewal, is the wild goose, the totem of the plant world is the beech tree, and the totem of the mining world is quartz. Their lucky color is white. Quartz, which is the mineral of this sign, is a very hard and dull shimmering stone that can be found almost everywhere in the world. Although quartz, which is considered as one of the natural and basic materials that make up the earth, has many colors, the most common one is called white. There is a connection between the characteristics of wild goose people and this color. Since quartz gives a feeling of coolness when touched, it was believed that this stone was made of eternal and insoluble ice in ancient times. Often the presence of a frozen drop of water in quartz and the fact that the droplet melted when the stone was broken was a factor that strengthened this belief. Quartz is a stone that symbolizes power. It is also accepted by some experts that crystallized quartz carries some hidden powers that are not yet understood today. From quartz crystals, Wildgoose people can learn to grasp everything about life in a clear and lucid manner, and their ability to pass through and transmit all the energy of the universe through them. Recognizing this ability, Wild Goose people, if they can maintain their abilities, will be in a position to comprehend and communicate the infinite power of the universe, just like their totems. The external appearance of the people of this sign is also dull and emotionless like quartz. But just like totem stones, they reflect the same warmth and energy to everyone who shows interest and warmth to them. Wild goose people are not exuberant, not overly emotional, but act as an inexhaustible source of warmth and light for those around them. The most important thing for the Wildgoose man to learn is to avoid becoming petrified within a certain worldview and philosophy, whatever the genre. Otherwise, just like quartz, it may be cut solid and eventually shattered. The totem of the wildebeest in the plant kingdom is the beech tree. Beech is a magnificent and beautiful tree with a very elongated trunk. Beechwood was used by the wise Indians in almost every aspect of life. Wildgoose people, like the beech tree, have a majestic appearance that reflects ancient traditions and forgotten wisdom. If people of this sign can flow their energies freely, they can relate to the universal sources of life and gain very useful information about ancient traditions and pearls of wisdom. Wildgoose people can learn a lot about themselves from their totems. The seasons and snow guide the lives of wild geese. When the snow begins to melt in the spring, wild geese flocks back north to their nests in the snowy regions and come back with the first snowflakes. Wild goose people, like their totems, prefer to travel long distances. Spiritual or physical distances do not frighten them. That's why they have so much inner strength. Being of the earth element, they are very attached to the objective world, but they still manage to go far, beyond horizons spiritually. Wildgoose people are very attached to their traditions and can easily accept any authority. Acting without mistakes, trying to comply with habits and traditions, showing respect, and seeing are among the most basic features. For people of this sign, their children are very important. He does his best to protect the order of his family, to ensure his safety, and to meet his needs. But due to his introverted nature, he may have trouble explaining his true feelings. Wild Goose people get along very well with Woodpeckers. The other people he agreed with are Beavers and Brown Bears. Cougar and Snake people are also among individuals with whom he can relate well.