Mineral - Opal

Color - Yellow

Jumping from twig to twig. Capacity for rapid development, change. Is very open with thoughts and feelings. Outspoken, but sometimes do not know what to say. Never tolerate deception and lying. Fearless. Modern-minded. When they are angry they became aggressive and very dangerous. Easily distracted. Good managers for those who can direct their energies. Firm nature. Sensitive Point; head, In general, have headaches often. Agreeing with everyone. An insatiable desire for power and energy. Leaning over the affairs of the world. Friendly, with a large entourage. Sparkling, impressive. The totem of the people who were born in this period in the animal world is Hawk, the totem in the plant world is wild chicory, and the totem in the mining world is the gilded opal known as fire opal. Their lucky color is yellow. Opal has long been used as a symbol of hope and it was believed that people carrying this stone would be invisible. Opal has been considered a symbol of nobility for centuries. But at a time, the belief that it was unlucky became widespread. Hawk people can be found in places where there is a warm and constant tension in the concrete or abstract sense of the word, such as stone. People of this sign love warmth and the Sun. He likes places with intense movement, straining his spiritual, physical, and emotional energies. Like its stone, the Hawk man is porous; When he has wrong thoughts or makes a wrong connection, he quickly gets upset and worried. He is a very open-hearted person, ready to adopt every new thought and view and take action. Sometimes, he may get involved in things that may be harmful to him later on. If it stays in the wrong environment and under tension, it can crack like a stone and lose the life force that gives it fire and sparkle. The stone of the Hawk person, like an opal, either constantly radiates a fiery energy around him, or it flashes like lightning when the fire within him shines. Although his relationship with the Moon, which is like a symbol of his personal feelings, makes his job a little difficult, he needs it to learn to use his energy. The fire of this sign comes from the emotional world, which is usually stronger and more intense than other people. But because he loves openness, he is frightened by complex feelings in himself and others. Its totem in the plant world, wild chicory, is a plant that grows almost everywhere and is uprooted by humans. Since the Hawk people jump from branch to branch, it has the habit of appearing everywhere like wild chicory. Those who do not know how to deal with the energies of the people of this sign and cannot see how useful these people will be in the fields they work fondly may be disturbed by their disposition. Its inexhaustible energy can turn into a very useful power in the hands of people who know how to direct and use this energy. This person is like a real treasure for those who understand him and take time for him. The totem of the animal kingdom, the peregrine falcon is a fast-moving, predatory, and indeed a flyer, unlike any other bird. It usually builds its nest on the top of tall trees or high cliffs. This bird, which can stay in the sky for an astonishingly long time, creates an interesting angle between its tail and its body. People born in this period are magnificent people like the Falcons. They have a spiritual, if not always physical, splendor, and they can spread their wings widely. The person of this sign is a master hunter who is constantly chasing new jobs, new projects, new currents of thought. His totem goes through periods of light and darkness, like the peregrine falcon. He is cheerful in his bright periods, open to everything he encounters. In dark periods, however, he withdraws into his solitude. He tries to find out why life seems so crooked to him. Hawk people are generally fearless. He is ready to take action against those he sees as the "rattlesnake" of the world, without thinking about his own safety. He can't be very patient with people he finds hypocritical or unfair. Whether the other person wants it or not, he speaks his thoughts straight to his face. Since Hawk is a naturally friendly and well-connected person, he can easily get along with almost anyone. However, he can form friendships with Sturgeon and Owl very quickly. He also gets along easily with Deer, Crow, and Otter. For personal integration, the Crow is the ideal mate.